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The Social Construct of technology: Mcluhan

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Innis, Grant and McLuhan argue that technology is not netural, rather determined by the historical,political-economic and social conditions of their production. Moreover, once adopted, new media come to determine the very condition from which they arise. Critical discuss the debate whether new media can be viewed as neutral or determining factors in social and political change.

Technology determinism is true, it shapes, controls and limits on social world, and we are not as free as we think. I mostly agree with McLuhan 's point of view, but I cannot really find 3 supporting ideas to support my thesis, and also support McLuhan's points,moreover, these supporting ideas have to criticize the other 2 scholars's points. I cannot find the three areas they all talk about in different perspectives. I have some ideas,I can talk about globalization. and military purpose, and private and public broadcasting?

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The solution provides insight in support of the ideas of Mcluhan, arguing that technology is not neutral and determined by the social situation (political, social, economic) and condition by which said technology was born.

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I would suggest that all types of media (new or old) are determined from the social, economic and political context. First of all they are organised according to the resources and priorities of the countries they exist(globalisation is a matter here and you can certainly focus on it). New types of media exist globally and might seem neutral, but are susceptible to broader world-system ...

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