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    Marshall McLuhan Communication and Media Theory/Concepts

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    Marshall McLuhan is most frequently associated with the field of communication and the influence of media and culture in designing or ensuring effective interaction/communication. Based on your readings, please take one or two concepts that most impacted you upon reading about them. Describe the concept/theory and how it may or may not relate to setting the course for future communications in the information age.

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    Marshall McLuhan stressed that "the medium is the message" (http://www.gmj.uottawa.ca/0801/inaugural_mcluhan.pdf), and that he did not have a theory in which he approached communication. He believed in using probes, and that the medium consisted of the user. In fact, the environment impacts the way one operates with how they communicate with others on a regular basis. This individual went on to say that the environment is the means by which to transform how one views the world through their perceptions, and any area that needs attention; furthermore, one ...

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    This solution discussed Marshall McLuhan, and two concepts/theories as well as how they influenced the information age with communication and media