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    The Social Construction of Reality

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    Please refer to Peter L. Berger's and Thomas Luckmann's, The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise its the Sociology of Knowledge, which is provided in the attached document.

    Is there an example of anything that is not a social construct? What examples that you can think of that are not social construct? Also, what does this mean about what is "real"? How does this reading applies to real life?

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    I have given you some ideas to work from. If you do not think they meet the criteria, ask questions, give me some specific focus you prefer. If you need further clarification, please ask. I think the most basic idea, which should be the conclusion area of your assignment is, that humans must construct meaning. However, social construct is not needed for the facts of humans existence, based in science.

    Things that are not social constructs? Since social constructs are things, ideas, knowledge, interpretations brought by societal agreement of what is and what should be, then there are many things that are not. The social construct is more agreement of what is and in reality was not needed.

    Race - While society does consider race and how people are placed or treated, the fact is, race is not a social construct. It is a scientific fact, a separation of people due to scientifically based differences. Since social construct is formed under the conventions and norms of a society, gender and race are both not social constructs. ...

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    This response explains social constructs and certain things that are outside of the label of construct. Examples are provided.