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Social Science Paradigms and Research

Which of the six social science paradigms (list of paradigms noted below) is the preferred research style and does this style "bleed" into more than one? Why or why not.

Six Social Paradigms

1. Reality as concrete and conformable to law, a structure independent of the observer.
2. Reality as a concrete determining process.
3. Reality as mutually dependent fields of information.
4. Reality as a world of symbolic discourse.
5. Reality as a social construction.
6. Reality as a manifestation of human intentionality.

Which business research approach is the most preferred (the analytical approach, the systems approach, or the actors approach)? Why?

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I am answering this since just yesterday in studying for my exams I created the statement, "Social science research is most concerned with the study of social construction." I was led to this conclusion by the fact that social sciences are concerned with both ...

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How social science research depends on one of the six paradigms. Business research is discussed very briefly.