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    Break-Even Analysis

    Richard's Breakeven Point Calculations

    Rewrite the formula above, to make it appropriate for breakeven calculations All these ques. refer to data listed: Where is Richard's breakeven point" Fixed costs $20,000 Variable costs 33% of sales avg sellings price is $10,000 a. as a % of sales, what is its variable or contribution margin? b. I

    decomposing personal income into wealth income

    I've been asked to find data on aggregate income. However, I also need to find data on labour and wealth income dis-aggregated. I assume this means find variables that could be used to represent total labour income and wealth income (to compare against total income; ie. GDP). What possible variables could be used? Eg. for

    Externalities Affecting Management

    a. What is an externality? b. Why might externalities lead a firm to discharge too much pollution into a river? c. Congress has passed a law that limits the level of cotton dust within textile factories. Why might a textile firm allow too much cotton dust within its workplace?

    Important Aspects of Profit Maximization

    1. A monopolist has the possibility of price discriminating between domestic and foriegn markets for a product. The demands are Qd = 21-0.1P in the domestic market and Qf = 50-0.4P in the foriegn market. The monopolist's short-run total cost function is STC = 2000+10Q, where Q = Qd+Qf. a. Calculate the profit-maximizing,