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    decomposing personal income into wealth income

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    I've been asked to find data on aggregate income. However, I also need to find data on labour and wealth income dis-aggregated. I assume this means find variables that could be used to represent total labour income and wealth income (to compare against total income; ie. GDP).

    What possible variables could be used? Eg. for labour could I used wages? For wealth could I use profits or interest?

    Could you include several suggestions because if I can't the data for one of the variables I'll need to use another.

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    What you are doing is decomposing personal income into wealth income (return on household savings) and wage income. If you combine this with firm investment and government expenditure and net exports you get Y=C+I+G+NX which should look familiar. Y is just GDP which is what you want to compare your personal income data to right. I used data from this ...

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