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    Poll on a Web Page

    Please provide the code for the data storage file for the attached poll. Helpful suggestions are below: Create the database/Setup database tables Identify a Primary Key Store the questions results each time a response is submitted. Use INSERT statements to populate the table Issue SELECT SQL statement(s) that request all

    Write a Currency Conversion Program in C

    Currency conversion program . The user will input the amount and type of currency (1-5) and the program outputs the equivalent amount in USD. Need help with: 1.code that will limit type of currency to 1-5 only, if user entered over 5 it should have invalid input and ask user to choose type of currency again. 2. I need he

    PHP flaw - News archive

    A number of popular content management and blogging systems based on the PHP scripting language are vulnerable to a flaw in PHP's handling of XML commands.

    PHP Code

    I have the PHP code to produce a product listing, and also the code to Update the fields of an existing Product. (The code for all the examples including the Access database is attached as a Zip file). Supply me with the PHP code to: 1. Add a new product to the database. 2.Delete an existing product from the database.

    PHP: Environment Variables

    (Using PHP) Develop a program that determines whether the client is using Internet Explorer. If so, determine the version number and send this information back to the client.

    Help in solving problem in C programming

    Please keep the program in the orginal form. I am writing in C program using a C compiler. Need help at the end of the program. It needs a DO-WHILE statement at the end. Selecting Y should go to the main menu. Selecting N should print "The End". getch (); and return (0); must be at the end of my compiler to work. do{ p