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    IPv4 versus IPv6

    I personally think the deployment of IPv6 has been slow because the Internet is still using IPv4. Until the whole scope of Internet users are forced to change to IPv6 there will be no acceleration of its deployment. The old saying comes into the forum; why stop using something that you know works and you are happy with?

    Risk Management

    Discuss how creating Risk Management, Scope Change Control, and Communication Plan can help improve the management of any project. Outline the importance of support systems and mechanisms and also how to manage changes to scope and requirements by implementing a change management procedure.

    Online instant storefronts: Entry level, mid level, high level

    Hello, we are learning about Online instant storefronts and the 3 different categories. I am not sure I understand the difference between these. Please help to me identify each and differ between them. Also if you could let me know what potential customer attributes would justify the utilization of a particular level. Entry

    Different Types of Maintenance

    Describe an example of each of the four types of maintenance: corrective, adaptive, perfective, and preventive. Discuss how the decision to proceed is reached in each case. Be specific.

    Computers & Information Processing

    --What are important considerations for an organization to dispose of old computer equipment? --Why is it recommended to establish a formal evaluation criterion when considering the purchase of hardware for the organization? --Explain the following in a good paragraph Accuracy of data input is important. What method

    Economic Feasibility Analysis

    1. Develop an economic feasibility analysis, using payback analysis, ROI, and present value (assume a discount rate of 10 percent). (See attached file for full problem description)

    About 2 pages of network design

    Sterling Co. wants you to design a network infrastructure for them. They have 5 divisions with several hundred users at each division across the United States. They have many employees who work from home. What kind of network would you suggest? Additional objectives are to discuss networking concepts using the OSI Model as a fr

    Filtering data that travels along a network

    What are the most effective ways to filter data that travels along a network (wired or wireless). IE. By MAC or IP, what are some others ways to secure data on a wired or wireless network.

    Problem with Data Representation

    I have some problem with converting between different data system. I would like to know how I can convert from signed binary numbers to decimal values, from decimal numbers to signed magnitude, 2's complement, and short floating point format. Also, it would be better to provide examples with positive and negative values as well

    Office Wiring, Cabling, Star Configuration Router

    A seven-story office building has 15 adjacent offices per floor. Each office contains a wall socket for a terminal in the front wall, so the sockets form a rectangular grid in the vertical plane, with a separation of 4 meters between sockets, both horizontally and vertically. Assuming that it is feasible to run a straight cable

    ALOHA measurement channel

    Measurements of a slotted ALOHA channel with an infinite number of users show that 10 percent of the slots are idle. a. What is the channel load, G? b. What is the throughput? c. Is the channel under-loaded or overloaded? Please explain all work.

    Slotted Aloha question

    Ten thousand airline reservation stations are competing for the use of a single slotted ALOHA channel. The average station makes 18 requests per hour. A slot is 125 micro-seconds. What is the approximate total channel load?

    Implications for Management

    What are the implications for management of each of the following trends: - Reduction in cost of hardware with time - Reduction in size of hardware with time - Increase in power of hardware with time