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    CPU Utilisation

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    Process States

    Please provide insight regarding the attached diagram and questions. Please provide references. Please explain the concept of process states and how you draw your conclusions for the three questions. The following diagram indicates process states. The arrows between the boxes indicate state transitions. (See attachment for

    Study Questions 4,5,6,7

    4. Distinguish between the Internet, intranets, extranets. (Three paragraphs or less.) 5. What is e-Commerce? How can e-Commerce businesses be categorized? What are three major issues facing e-Commerce? 6. Over time computers have evolved from room-sized machines to hand-held devices. What has been the impact of th

    Network Security is examined.

    1.Suppose we are using Lamport's hash, and Bob's system crashes before receiving Alice's reply to a message. Further suppose an intruder, Trudy, can eavesdrop and detect that Bob crashed (maybe Trudy can even cause Bob to crash). This would create a situation where Trudy has Alice's reply (which Bob did not receive) and which Tr

    Processing packets CPU

    A CPU in a router can process 2 million packets/sec. The load offered to it is 1.5 million packets/sec. If the route from source to destination contains 10 routers (having no additional traffic), how much time is spent being queued and serviced by the CPUs. Assume Poisson arrivals and departures at each router.

    General Questions about ATM Networks

    1. ATM networks use a token bucket scheme to regulate traffic (traffic shaping). A new token is put into the bucket every 1 usec so ATM cells can be sent during this period. The data payload of ATM cells is 48 bytes. What is the maximum sustainable net (or effective) data rate? 2. A bridge between an 802.3 LAN and an 802.4

    Two real-time processes

    Two real-time processes are running on a computer. The first one runs every 25 msec for 10 msec. The second one runs every 40 msec for 15 msec. What is the utilization of the CPU for the given two processes?

    Soft-Real Time

    A soft real-time system has four periodic events with periods of 50, 100, 200 and 250 msec each. Suppose four events require 35, 20, 10 and X msec of CPU time, respectively. What is the largest value of X for which the system is schedulable?