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Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

Moving Average.

1. Calculate a four-quarter weighted moving average for the number of America Online (AOL) subscribers for the nine quarters of data. The data are reported in thousands. Apply weights of .1, .2, .3 and .4 respectively, for the quarters. In a few words describe the trend in the number of subscribers. 31-Mar-01 28,7

Performance of a Public Company

I need help with the following problems 1) Assess the organizational performance of a public company using financial statement and ratio analysis. Use at least three ratios & explain why you chose them & what they mean in your assessment. 2) Discuss valuation techniques as applied to external & internal investment strategi

Weighted (Average) Cost of Capital

(Weighted average cost of capital) The target capital structure for QM Industries is 40 percent common stock, 10 percent preferred stock, and 50 percent debt. If the cost of equity for the firm is 18 percent, the cost of preferred stock is 10 percent, the before-tax cost of debt is 8 percent, and the firm's tax rate is 35 perce

Weighted Average Cost of Capital for Metals Corp

Metals Corp. has $2,575,000 of debt, $550,000 of preferred stock, and $18,125,000 of common equity. Metals Corp.'s after-tax cost of debt is 5.25%, preferred stock has a cost of 6.35%, and newly issued common stock has a cost of 14.05%. What is Metals Copr's weighted average cost of capital? a. 12.78% b. 10.84%

Firm's capital structure based on its market value

Consider the following firm's capital structure based on its market value. Market Value Capital Structure Bonds, coupon = 9% paid semi-annually, $10.4 million issued at par value. Preferred stocks (par value =

Weighted Average Cost of Capital - Jasmin Limited

Good Day, Please assist with the attached question. Regards The directors of Jasmin Limited are considering opening a factory to manufacture a new product. Detailed forecasts of the product's expected cash flows have been made, and it is estimated that an initial capital investment of R2.5 million is required. The c

Calculating the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) for Kroncke Company

You were hired as a consultant to Kroncke Company, whose target capital structure is 40% debt, 10% preferred, and 50% common equity. The after-tax cost of debt is 6.00%, the cost of preferred is 7.50%, and the cost of retained earnings is 13.25%. The firm will not be issuing any new stock. What is its WACC? a. 9.4

Cost of Equity and WACC for Micro Spinoffs, Inc.

Micro Spinoffs, Inc., issued 20-year debt a year ago at par value with a coupon rate of 8 percent, paid annually. Today, the debt is selling at $1,050. The firm's tax bracket is 35 percent. Micro Spinoffs also has preferred stock outstanding. The stock pays a dividend of $4 per share, and the stock sells for $40. Suppose

Calculating WACC

We are having difficulty figuring out how to determine the wacc. We are attempting to do a merger of two companies and we have the original financial statements; also we have created our own (See attached). Can you please explain how we can at least start the calculations for the wacc of Shang Wa? Thank you.

The Cost of Capital for WACC

Company A has $2 million of outstanding debt and 100,000 outstanding shares of stock selling at $30 per share. The book value of the stock is $10 per share. There is no preferred stock. Its current borrowing rate is 8%. Company A will be paying a dividend of $3 per share and is expected to grow at annual rate of 5%. Find t

Shortroad Inc.

4.) Shortroad Inc. has the following target capital structure: Debt 30% Preferred stock 15% Common stock 55% Total capital 100% Stockholders expect earnings and dividends to grow at a constant rate of 8 percent in the future. Shortroad's tax rate is 34 percent. Treasury bonds yield 5 percent and the market risk pr

Component cost of debt .

Hamilton Company's 8 percent coupon rate, quarterly payment, $1,000 par value bond, which matures in 20 years, currently sells at a price of $686.86. The company's tax rate is 40 percent. Based on the nominal interest rate, not the EAR, what is the firm's component cost of debt for purposes of calculating the WACC? a. 3.05%

Marginal Cost of Equity Capital (Not the WACC)

Allison Engines Corporation has established a target capital structure of 40 percent debt and 60 percent common equity. The firm expects to earn $600 in after-tax income during the coming year, and it will retain 40 percent of those earnings. The current market price of the firm's stock is P0 = $28; its last dividend was D0 = $2

WACC and cost of common equity for Kahn Inc.

Kahn Inc. has a target capital structure of 60 percent common equity and 40 percent debt to fund its $10 billion in operating assets. Furthermore, Kahn Inc. has a WACC of 13 percent, a before tax debt of 10 percent, and a tax rate of 40 percent. The company's retained earnings are adequate to provide the common equity portion

How can an organization lower its WACC?

How can an organization lower its WACC? 12.11 Lizpaz Inc. is a levered firm with a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.25. The beta of the common stock is 1.15, while the beta of the debt is 0.3. The market-risk premium is 10 percent and the risk-free rate is 6 percent. The corporate tax rate is 35 percent. What is the firm's cost

Firm value, levered and unlevered company

Firms U and L are identical in every respect except that U is unlevered (no debt) while L has $10 million of 5% bonds outstanding. Assume (1) that all of the MM assumptions are met, (2) that there are no corporate or personal taxes, (3) that EBIT is $2 million, and (4) that the cost of equity to Firm U is 10%. Please show all w

Bob the Builder's WACC

Bob the Builder has the following Capital Structure: Debt: $250K, Preferred Stock: $40k, Common Stock $200k His cost of capital for these items is: Debt: 6%, Preferred Stock: 8%, Common Stock 10% Bob the Builder's tax rate is 35%. What is Bob the Builder's WACC? please show all steps to the problem.

The venture investors and founders of ACE Products

The venture investors and founders of ACE Products, a closely held corporation, are contemplating merging the successful venture into a much larger diversified firm that operates in the same industry. ACE estimates its free cash flows that will be available to the enterprise next year at $5,200,000. Since the venture is now in i

BETA and WACC for Beckwith Engineering and Associates (BEA)

Beckwith Engineering and Associates (BEA) is considering a change in its capital structure. BEA currently has $20 million in debt carrying a rate of 8%, and its stock price is currently $40 per share with 2, million shares outstanding. BEA is a zero growth firm and pays out all of its earnings as dividends. EBIT is $14.933 mill

WACC for Pettit printing Company

Pettit printing Company has a total market value of $100 million, consisting of 1 million shares selling for $50 per share and $50 million of 10% perpetual bonds now selling at par value. The firm's EBIT is $13.24 million, and its tax rate is 15%. Pettit can change its capital structure by either increasing its debt to 70% (base

Cost of Capital - After tax cost of debt, WACC, etc.

You are provided the following information on a company. The total market value is $40 million. The capital structure, shown here, is considered to be optimal. Accounting Value Market Value Bonds, $1000 par, 7% coupon, 7% YTM $10,000,000 $10,000,000 Preferred Stock, 7%, $100 par, 1

Web Based Project on Target

Capital budgeting involves decisions about whether or not to invest in fixed assets, and it has a major influence on firms' future performances and values. Discounted cash flow analysis is used in capital budgeting, and a key element of this procedure is the discount rate used in the analysis. Capital must be raised to finance f

Estimate of WACC

On June 28, 2001, Nike held an analysts' meeting to disclose its fiscal-year 2001 results. The information is presented in Exhibit 1 and 3.1 Anna Ford, an analyst from UBS Warburg, showed her forecast that Nike is overvalued at its current share price of $42.09 if the discount rate is 12 percent (see Exhibit 2). She had, how

Question regarding WACC

I need help answering the following questions regarding the attached WACC calculations: 1. What does calculating the weighted average cost of capital tell you about Foust Company's financial strategy including the level of risk involved in the business? 2. How could the company use WACC calculations in determining future

Cost of capital for a firm

The company cost of capital for a firm with a 60/40 debt/equity split, 8% cost of debt, 15% cost of equity, and a 35% tax rate would be: A. 7.02% B. 9.12% C. 10.80% D. 13.80% I am calculating 7.02% but am unsure if I am inputing my number correctly.

The capital structure for Nealon, Inc.

The capital structure for Nealon, Inc., follows: Nealon, Inc., Balance Sheet TYPE OF FINANCING PERCENTAGE OF FUTURE FINANCING Bonds (8%, $1,000 par, 16-year maturity) 38% Preferred stock (5,000 shares outstanding, $50 par, $1.50 dividend) 15% Common stock 47% Total 100% Flotation costs are (a) 15 p