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    Profit Margin

    In a general sense, accounting profits are the difference between revenues and expenses. Profit margins are calculated by dividing profits by total operating revenue (the revenue we collect directly from sales). We exclude revenues from other sources because what we are really interested is the repeatable earnings from ongoing day-to-day, profit-seeking business activities.

    The two most common profit margins calculated are the gross profit margin and the net profit margin. The gross profit is found by subtracting the cost of goods sold from total operating revenue (or sales). The gross profit margin is therefore the gross profit divided by total operating revenue.

    The net profit or net income is found after subtracting all other operating expenses, interest and taxes from the gross profit. The net profit margin is therefore the net operating income divided by the total operating revenue.

    For example, imagine the following accounting numbers for ABC Co. 

    Sales Revenue (Total Operating Revenue)


    Less: Cost of Goods Sold


    Gross Profit


    Less: Overhead


    Less: Taxes


    Net Profit (Net Operating Income)



    Gross profit margin = $2,500/$10,000 = 25%

    Net profit margin = $650/$10,000 = 6.5%

    Profit margins are not direct measures of profitability because they are based on operating revenue, opposed to the value of the firm. However, it gives us a sense of how well a firm is able to produce or sell products and services at a lower cost or a higher price. Profit margins vary between industries, with service industries typically having a high profit margin, and manufacturing industries with lower ones.  

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    In 500 words, identify 5 significant points that you would consider when looking to invest in Disney. Support each point with a comprehensive explanation incorporating sound reasoning of current figures from the 2015, 2014, and 2013 Annual Reports.

    Determining Profit via Contribution Margin & Bottleneck Methods

    Canine Kernels Company (CKC) manufactures two different types of dog chew toys (A and B, sold in 1,000-count boxes) that are manufactured and assembled on three different workstations (W, X, and Y) using a small-batch process (see figure 7.9). Batch setup times are negligible. The flowchart denotes the path each product follows

    Contribution Margin and Anticipated Profit

    Innovators Inc. produces two products, A and B, with the following characteristics: Product A Product B Selling price per unit $10 $15 Variable cost per unit $ 8 $10 Expected sales (units) 10,000 5,000 Total fixed costs for the company are $21,000. A. What is the anticipated profit given the expected sales volume ?

    Using ABC to Improve Product Pricing and Gross Profit Margin

    [Data attached.] Drilling Innovations, Inc., produces specialized cutting heads used by companies that drill for oil and natural gas. The company has recently implemented an ABC system for three of its products and is interested in evaluating its effectiveness before converting to an ABC system for all products. To perform th

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    Please complete questions in attachment. MediaSol Inc. Produces affordable, high quality personal mulitmedia entertainment devices. The company's Video Division manufactures three portable video players - the Stnadard, the Deluxe, and the Pro-that are widely used by the younger generation. Selected information on the portab

    Calculating Profit Margin and Inventory Turnover

    Jefferson and Sons has total assets of $807,200, total equity of $509,500, total sales of $945,300, and net income of $25,600. What is the profit margin? Assume a firm has an average inventory of $50,000, sales of $250,000, gross profit of $100,000, and net income of $25,000. The preferred formulation for an inventory turnove

    Contribution Margin Income Statement

    2. Larimer Industries is a division of Widgetco, a diversified manufacturer whose divisions are profit centers. Larimer makes a single product, X47, in its plant, which has a capacity of 18,000 units/month. At the normal volume of 10,000 units/month, X47 has a unit cost of $750, consisting of: direct materials, $260; direct l

    Contribution margin is used as the basic building block of Cost, Volume, Profit analysis. This process has its limitations, but offers a powerful snapshot of how best to set production levels with respect to variable costs.

    Value costing remains an important aspect of strategic business decisions. It allows decision-makers a rapid snapshot of optimal output levels with respect to variable costs, price-point, and profitability. While CVP makes several assumptions that limit its application to specifics, it remains an important part of accounting for

    Net Profit Margin and Other Ratios

    See the attachment for Daktronics' data and answer the following: Compute the following for 2005 and 2004: 1. Net profit margin Z. Total asset turnover (use year-end assets) 3. Return on assets (use year-end assets) 4. Operating income 5. Return on operating assets (use year-end assets) 6. Sales to fixed assets (use

    Margin of safety

    Data concerning next month's budget: Selling price $26 per unit Variable expenses $14 per unit Fixed expenses $10,200 per month Unit sales 1,000 units per month A. Compute the company's margin of safety $ B. Compute the company's margin of safety as a percentage of its sales

    Product Pricing and Gross Profit Margin

    Note: Data provided in attachment. Pressure Products, Inc., produces specialized industrial hoses for applications such as high-pressure hydraulics and the transference of highly corrosive materials. The company has recently implemented an ABC system for three of its products, and is interested in evaluating its effectivenes

    Profit Margin Calculations for Sales Walehouses

    Please set-up the following questions, which include the answers, on an "Excel" template. 18. A jewellery store purchased a diamond rig for $2500 less 40% and 5%. The store's average unit overhead expenses are 30% of cost. The "regular price" of the ring is established so that, if it is sold in a "20% off" sale, the unit op

    Contribution Margin Ratio Approach

    1. Gold Eagle Company incurs annual fixed costs of $80,000. Variable costs are $6.00 per unit, and the sales price is $10 per unit. Gold Eagle desires to earn an annual profit of $40,000. Required: Use the contribution margin ratio approach to determine the sales volume in dollars needed to earn the desired profit. 2. Lee V


    Chang Corp. has $375,000 of assets, and it uses only common equity capital (zero debt). Its sales for the last year were $520,000, and its net income was $25,000. Stockholders recently voted in a new management team that has promised to lower costs and get the return on equity up to 15.0%. What profit margin would the firm need


    Chang Corp. has $375,000 of assets, and it uses only common equity capital (zero debt). Its sales for the last year were $520,000, and its net income was $25,000. Stockholders recently voted in a new management team that has promised to lower costs and get the return on equity up to 15.0%. What profit margin would the firm need

    Debt ratio, return on equity, profit margin

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? Balance Sheet Cash & M/S 30,000 Accruals 20,000 Receivables 70,000 Accounts Payable 60,000 Inventories 120,000 Notes Payable 80,000 Fixed Assets 480,000 L-T Liabilities 140,000 Total Assets 700,000 Common Equity 400,000 Total 700,000 Annual Sa

    Profit Margin for the Year

    An analyst finds that, for a firm reporting a return on net operating assets of 19 percent, the asset turnover had declined from 2.2 to 1.9. a) Calculate the profit margin for the year. b) What does the decrease in the asset turnover tell you about the likelihood of the 19 percent RNOA being maintained in the future?

    Profit Margin

    Lone Star Meat Packers is a major processor of beef and other meat products. The company has a large amount of T-bone steak on hand, and it is trying to decide whether to sell the T-bone steaks as they are initially cut or to process them further into fillet Mignon and the New York cut. If the T-bone steaks are sold as initi

    Firm's Core Operating Income & Core % Profit Margin

    A firm reports operating income before tax in its income statement of $73.4 million on sales of $667.3 million. After net interest expense of $20.5 million and taxes of $18.3 million, its net income is $34.6 million. The following items were included as part of operating income: Start-up cost for new venture $4.3 million

    Calculate contribution margin and net profit

    Sales 138,058,000 labor 16,529,000 dep 6,485,000 tot var cost 95,286,000 Admin cost 1,200,000 other 378,000 tot per cos 23,146,000 EBIT 17,628,000 interest 8,463,000 taxes 3,208,000 long term % 6,727,000 I have figured contribution margin to be $42,772,000,

    What is Your Firm's Profit Margin?

    Find the P (profit margin) if a firm's growth rate of 15% per year and D/E ratio= 0.70, dividend payout is 50%, and T = 1.50 Using the formula below: deltaS/S = P* (1-d)(1+L) T- P* (1-d)(1+L).

    Financial sttatement analysis

    Consider the following set of financial statements: GLOBAL GOODIES, INC. Income Statements (in 000's, except EPS) 2006 2007 2008 Net Sales $2100 $3051 $3814 Cost of Goods Sold 681 995 1040 Gross Profit 1419 2056 2774 Selling & Admin Expenses 610 705 964 Operating Pro