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Net Profit Margin and Other Ratios

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See the attachment for Daktronics' data and answer the following:

Compute the following for 2005 and 2004:
1. Net profit margin
Z. Total asset turnover (use year-end assets)
3. Return on assets (use year-end assets)
4. Operating income
5. Return on operating assets (use year-end assets)
6. Sales to fixed assets (use year-end fixed assets)
7. Return on investment (use year-end balance sheet accounts)
8. Return on total equity (use year-end equity)
9. Return on common equity (use year-end common equity)
10. Gross profit margin
Comment on the trends in (a).

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2005 2004

Net Profit Margin= Net Profit/Sales 6.80% 8.45%

Total Asset Turnover= Sales/Total Assets 1.52 1.66

Return on Assets= Net Profit/Total Assets 10.34% 14.04%

Operating Income Margin= Operating ...

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