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Product Costing

Set-Up Company Costing System: analyze current system and recommend changes

Set-Up Company produces blue things and gray things. Blue things are in much greater demand in the market and the firm sells 120,000 blue things a year. Set-Up Co. sells 6,000 gray things per year in small boutiques. Things have a short shelf life. They must be distributed, sold, and consumed within two months of manufacture. Bo

Direct Material and Direct labour are variable costs

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Direct Material and Direct labour are variable costs. Overheads are 40% variable and 60% fixed Orange Ltd intention was to produce and sell the followig quantities during the year ended 31 May 2005. Product Quantity (units) Platinum 2000

Process Costing

The ledger of Tombert Company has the following work in process account. Work in Process-Painting 1-May Balance 3,590 31-May Transferred Out ? 31-May Materials 6,060 31-May Labor 2,500 31-May Overhead 1,650 31-May Balance ? Production records show that there were 700 units in

Process Costing

During May, the number of equivalent full units of materials applied to units produced by Department Q totaled 50,000, computed as follows: beginning inventory, 7,000 equivalent full units; units started and completed in May, 35,000 equivalent full units; and ending inventory, 8,000 equivalent full units. 1. Refer to the inf

Utilization Estimates

See the attached file. The SLD Imaging Center is currently negotiating with an MCO to provide diagnostic imaging services to 225,000 covered lives. SLD has fixed costs of $750,000 and capacity for an additional 75,000 patient encounters per year. They have two types of services MRI and CT Scans. MRI's have a variable cost of $4

Sample Question: Activity Based Costing

1. Mahogany Manufacturing produces two types of entry doors: deluxe and standard. The assignment basis for support costs has direct labor dollars. For 2001, Mahogany compiled the following data for the two products. Deluxe Standard Sales units 50,000 400,000 Sales price per unit $650.00 $475.00 Direct material and lab