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invigilation techniques for fraud

You are a fraud examiner who has been hired by Steinway Company to carry out an investigation. Steinway is a beverage company that has experienced increased shipments of beverages but no increase in revenue. Management suspects that inventory is being shipped to unknown places or is being stolen. How could you use invigila

Charles S. Lewis has just been named the CEO of Community Hospital, a 230-bed hospital located in an agricultural community of approximately 150,000 people. There is one other similar-sized hospital in the community. C.S. Lewis has been told by his CFO, J.R.R. Tolkein, that the hospital is in excellent financial condition, but Mr. Lewis is not convinced. He has requested and received the summary financial statements presented in Table 10-10. 226 CHAPTER 10 ANALYZING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Table 10-10 Summary Financial Information of Community Hospital* (2003-2007) (Data in Thousands) 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Balance sheet accounts Cash & cash equivalents $ 34,402 $ 30,444 $ 45,848 $ 46,010 $ 73,711 Patient accounts receivable 39,506 38,878 35,444 38,853 35,647 Inventory 2,133 2,318 2,398 3,197 3,279 Gross fixed assets 187,278 221,548 240,988 256,652 276,458 Accumulated depreciation 73,227 79,523 89,324 101,007 113,851 Net fixed assets 114,051 142,025 151,664 155,645 162,607 Unrestricted capital funds 10,720 13,625 20,160 25,615 17,716 Total assets $ 238,365 $ 265,784 $ 276,965 $ 287,193 $ 311,140 Current maturities of LTD 111 1,794 1,431 2,211 1,143 Current liabilities $ 37,426 $ 38,492 $ 33,240 $ 31,699 $ 35,862 Long-term debt 2,032 12,821 11,720 9,578 9,570 Net assets $ 188,743 $ 204,262 $ 222,606 $ 237,022 $ 251,241 Income statement accounts Net patient revenue $208,861 $ 225,950 $ 244,976 $ 257,784 $ 282,461 Other revenue 1,569 1,756 1,929 2,170 1,757 Total operating revenue $ 210,430 $ 227,706 $ 246,905 $ 259,954 $ 284,218 Total operating expenses $ 203,043 $ 219,768 $ 233,867 $ 254,382 $ 278,629 Operating income 7,387 7,938 13,038 5,572 5,589 plus Non-operating revenue 6,806 7,579 8,971 8,430 8,696 Excess of revenue over expenses $ 14,193 $ 15,517 $ 22,009 $ 14,002 $ 14,285 Depreciation $ 10,588 $ 11,161 $ 11,659 $ 12,184 $ 12,524 Interest 115 611 471 419 392 *Please note that not all asset and liability items are shown. The totals do not, therefore, foot to the individual account values.

Charles S. Lewis has just been named the CEO of Community Hospital, a 230-bed hospital located in an agricultural community of approximately 150,000 people. There is one other similar-sized hospital in the community. C.S. Lewis has been told by his CFO, J.R.R. Tolkein, that the hospital is in excellent financial condition, but M

Inventory Balance of Altira Corp. using FIFO, LIFO, Average Cost

Altira Corporation uses a periodic inventory system. The following information related to its merchandise inventory during the month of August 2011 is available: Aug. 1 Inventory on hand?2,000 units; cost $6.10 each. 8 Purchased 10,000 units for $5.50 each. 14 Sold 8,000 units for $12.00 each. 18 Purchased 6,000 u

Examples of Inventory Control Methods

Calculate ending inventory, cost of goods, gross profit, and gross profit rate under each of the following methods LIFO, FIFO, and Average cost. Date Description Quantity Unit cost or Selling Price June  1 Beginning inventory 25 $60 June  4 Purchase 85  64 Ju

Inventory Turnover

Galaxy Corp has an average of 80 days of inventory on hand while the industry standard for inventory is 5. Is Galaxy better or worse than the industry? How many more (or fewer days of inventory does the company have on hand v. the industry. (round to nearest number of days)

Coastal Shores Inc estimated inventory loss due to Hurricane Fred

1) Coastal Shores Inc. (CSI) was completely destroyed by Hurricane Fred on August 5, 2011. At January 1, CSI reported an inventory of $170,000. Sales from January 1, 2011, to August 5, 2011, totaled $480,000 and purchases totaled $195,000 during that time. CSI consistently marks up its products 60% over cost to arrive at a selli

Accounting Theory and Research: Contrast inventory methods for types of TVs

Compare and contrast two of the following inventory valuation methods: first in - first out (FIFO), last in - first out (LIFO), or weighted average. Explain the benefits of each inventory valuation method you selected and how the inventory is valued. Playing devil's advocate, if a Best Buy type company were to use average co

Please help me with these chapter review assignments

Attach are some problems AP8-7A On January 1, 2011, Kloppenberg Company had Accounts Receivable $138,000, Notes Receivable $21,800, and Allowance for Doubtful Accounts $12,500. The Notes Receivable is From Sara Rogers Company. It is a 4-month, 11% note dated December 31, 20

Calculation of inventory turnover over ratios for Wal-Mart and Target

The following information summarized from the 2007 annual report of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Cost of sales for the year ended January 31: (in millions) 2007 $264,152 2006 $237,649 Inventories, January 31: 2007 33,685 2006 31,910 The following information summarized from the 2006 annual report of Target Corpora

Determine inventory cost using process costing

Determine inventory cost using process costing Problem 18-18A Determining inventory cost using a process cost system Mickel Company had 200 units of product in work in process inventory at the beginning of the period. It started 1,400 units during the period and transferred 1,200 units to finished goods inventory. The endin

Calculating EOQ and Minimum Cost

Ivonne Callen sells beauty supplies. Her annual demand is 1000 units. The cost of placing an order is $20, while the holding cost per unit per year is 10% of the cost. This item currently cost $10 if the order quantity is less than 300. For orders of 300 units or more the cost falls to $9.80. To minimize total cost, how many uni

Inventory method and issues

Use Excel for solutions. Problem 8.7A Between The Ears (BTE. com) is a popular Internet music store. During the current year, the company's cost of goods available for sale amounted to $ 462,000. The retail sales value of this mer-chandise amounted to $ 840,000. Sales for the year were $ 744,000. Instructions A.

Eddings Company had a beginning inventory of 400 units.

P6-3A Eddings Company had a beginning inventory of 400 units of Product XNA at a cost of $8.00 per unit. During the year, purchases were: Feb. 20 600 units at $9 Aug. 12 300 units at $11 May 5 500 units at $10 Dec. 8 200 units at $12 Determine cost of goods sold and ending inventory using FIFO, LIFO, and average-cost

Inventory Cost Accounting Calculations

Second, inc. Has the following information: Beginning inventory : $ 62,400 Material costs for June : 133,700 Conversion costs for June : 197,000 Beginning inventory June 12,000 units (80 % complete for material and 60% for conversions costs.) Started in June 40,000 units Finished and transferred during June 46,

A few questions on Acc

1. The ending inventory of the Bonie Company is understated in Year One by $20,000. This error is not corrected in Year One or Year Two. What impact will this error have on total net income for Years One and Two combined? a. Understate total income by $20,000 b. No effect on total income for the two years c. Overstate total i

Aggregate inventory

Problem is attached Beagle Bum, Inc. operates 52 weeks per year and its cost of goods sold last year was $6,500,000. The firm carries eight items in inventory: four raw materials (RM), two work-in-process (WIP) items and two finished goods (FG). Last year's average inventory levels for these items along with their unit values

Determining the Value of Inventory under IFRS and US GAAP

The Golden Corporation has collected the following information for its main product: Cost 18.00 Replacement cost 17.00 Estimated cost to sell 5.00 Selling price 30.00 A profit margin of 25 percent is considered normal for the product. In determining the value of its ending inventory, what unit value should Golden Corpo

Lower-of-cost-or-market; Gross profit method; Retail inventory method

Part I Lower-of-cost-or-market. The December 31, 2010 inventory of Gwynn Company consisted of four products, for which certain information is provided below. Replacement Estimated Expected Normal Profit Product Original Cost Cost Disposal Cost Selling Price on Sales A $25.00 $22.00 $6.50 $40.00 20% B $42.00 $40

EQQ, average inventory, order per year, and average daily demand

Please help with this accounting assignment: For supply item LK, Boatman Company has been ordering 125 units based on the recommendation of the salesperson who calls on the company monthly. A new purchasing agent has been hired by the company who wants to start using the economic-order-quantity method and its supporting decis

Assignment on Financial Accounting

Blue Demon Company has the following inventory, purchases and sales data for the month of June 2008. Inventory: June 1 400 units @ $4.00 $1,600 Purchases: June 10 1,000 units @ $4.50 4,500 June 20 800 units @ $4.75 3,800 June 30 600 units @ $5.00 3,000 Sales: June 15 1,000 units Sales Price $8 each June 25 8

Computing Equivalent Units for a Second Department

Please see the attached file (P4) for the problem, for the solution, please use the attached Excel document (CH_4_26A). P4-26A computing equivalent units for a second department with beginning inventory; preparing a production cost report and recording transactions on the basis of the report's information - weighed-average me

Inventory Managment: Cost Accounting

Larsen inc. uses 160000 plastic housing units each year in its production of paper shredders. The cost of placing an order is $60. The cost of holding one unit of inventory for one year is $7.50. Currently Larsen places 40 orders of 4000 plastic housing units per year. Required: 1. Compute the annual ordering cost. 2. Compu

FIFO Process Costing: Cost Conversions

FIFO method is used to account for its work-in-process inventories. Begin WIP inventory: Direct materials $900 Conversion costs $200 Current period cost Direct materials $12,000 Conversion costs $6,000 Quantity information: Begin Inventory 500 Units (60% complete as to materials) (53% complete as to

Retail Inventory Method for Greene Company

Part 1 Gross Profit Method Horton, Inc. suffered an inventory loss due to a flood. The following information is available to you. Beginning inventory $100,000 Net purchase 400,000 Sales 400,000 Inventory salvaged from flood 50,000 Instructions Use the gross profit method for estimating inventory to determine the lo