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    Strategic Leadership and Future Leaders

    Influence Processes You have been encouraged by a colleague to write a brief article about "CEOs and presidents" for a management journal. You have decided to compare the leadership styles of three leaders: Andrea Jung, Indra Nooyi, and Brenda Barnes. Using the Library, the Internet, and your course materials, write a 4-5 pa


    1. History has demonstrated that there is a relationship between risk and return. History has also demonstrated that small cap stocks have outperformed large cap stocks by a significant amount. Given this evidence, please explain why investors still purchase large cap stocks. 2. You are having a conversation with your finan

    Future goals and studies

    Discuss how you will direct your future studies and professional goals (choosing an emphasis area, preparing for the next course in the sequence, establishing relationships with professionals, networking, seeking internship opportunities.

    Equity/capital needed to purchase contracts

    Show fomulas for this problem. You decide to act on your hunches about feeder cattle, so you purchase four contracts for April delivery at 88.8. You are required to put down 10%. How much equity/capital did you need to make this transaction?

    Market Value of One Contract

    Show formulas for this problem. You just heard a news story about mad cow disease in a neighboring country and as you believe tht feeder cattle prices will rise dramatically in the next few months as buyers of cattle shift to U.S. suppliers. Someone else believes that prices will fall in the next few months because people wi

    Cash Settlement Price at Expiration

    On 12/05/2007 the December 2007 fed funds contract settled at 95.755 and the fed funds target rate was 4.50%. What is the expected cash settlement price of the futures contract as expiration if the fed cut the fed funds rates by -50bps in December 2007; assuming that the fed would only make a single rate cut at their scheduled

    Fed Funds Futures: Compute average effective rate

    The 30 day fed funds futures trade on the CBOT and can be used to gauge the markets expectations of future fed funds rates. The February 2006 contract settled at 95.500 on 10/31/2005. If you expected no fed funds changes during February 2006, what would you expect the average effective rate to be during February 2006? htt

    What are the farmer's net proceeds when corn is sold?

    A farmer enters into a short corn futures contract at a price of $2.80 per bushel. The spot price of corn drops to $2.65 when the contract expires and the farmer delivers her corn. If the farmer harvested 13,000 bushels of corn and had futures contracts on 10,000 bushels of corn, what are the farmer's net proceeds when corn

    Future Value After One, Two and Three years

    You invest $3000 a year for 3 years at 12% a)what is the value of your investment after one year b)what is the value of your investment after two years c)what is the value of your investment after three years

    Stock index futures

    Describe stock index futures. How could they be used by a financial institution that is anticipating a jump in stock prices but does not yet have sufficient funds to purchase large amounts of stock? Explain why stock index futures may reflect investor expectations about the market more quickly than stock prices.

    Concepts and criteria for determining when costs are expenses

    An accountant must be familiar with the concepts involved in determining earnings of a business entity. The amount of earnings reported for a business entity is dependent on the proper recognition, in general, of revenue and expense for a given time period. In some situations, costs are recognized as expenses at the time of prod

    Future value calculations and tables, break even, EBIT, EPS, capital structure

    See the attached file. P4-2 Future value calculation Without referring to tables or to the preprogrammed function on your financial calculator, use the basic formula for future value along with the given interest rate, i, and the number of periods, n, to calculate the future value interest factor in each of the cases shown

    Future value

    Let's say--your great great great grand father invested 10 dollars in the stock market (say about 200 years ago)--what would that be worth now? Note: You need to research and find out the historical average rate of return for the stock market.

    Present versus Future Value in a Retirement Plan

    What is the difference between present and future values? How would you use present and future value techniques in preparing a financial retirement plan? How would various required rates of return affect the decision? Explain your answer.

    Uncertain Future Life

    Worldwide travel service has made an investment in certain equipment that cost the company $307,100. The equipment is expected to generate cash inflows of $50,000 each year. How many years will the equipment have to be used in order to provide the company with a 14% return on its investment?

    Current income gap for Second National Bank; Treasury bonds and futures

    9. Following financial statement is for the current year. From the past, you know that 10% of fixed-rate mortgages prepay each year. You also estimate that 10% of checkable deposits and 20% of savings accounts are rate sensitive. Second National Bank Assets Liabilities Reserves $1,500,000 Checkable deposits $15,000

    T-bill futures contracts

    Spratt Company purchased T-bill futures contracts when the quoted price was 93.50. When this position was closed out, the quoted price was 94.75. Determine the profit or loss per contract, ignoring transaction costs.

    Futures price for the futures contract on Russell Index Corp

    The stock of Russell Index Corporation is currently selling for $530.88 per share. The risk-free rate is 1.35% per quarter and it will not change for at least next six months. Russell Index Corp has an ordinary dividend yield of .25% per quarter. Ignoring marking to market, what should be the futures price for the futures contra

    Futures Question (Soybeans and the CBOT)

    I am working on setting up the following problem and would appreciate receiving assistance: The futures contract quote on 5,000 bushels of soybeans traded on the CBOT, Monday, December 31, 2001 was: Open: 423-3/4 ($4.2375/bushel) High: 424 ($4.24/bushel) Low: 419-1/2 ($4.1950/bushel) Settle: 421 ($4.21/bushel) You s

    Future Value

    What is the Future Value, at the end of 17 years, of depositing $1,750 into a Mutual Fund today, assuming the fund is expected to earn 12% a year?


    Please help with attached file. Thanks. P4-2 Future value calculation Without referring to tables or to the preprogrammed function on your financial calculator, use the basic formula for future value along with the given interest rate, i, and the number of periods, n, to calculate the future value interest factor in each

    Eurodollar futures contracts

    5. Suppose that Skandinaviska Ensilden Banken (SEB), the Swedish bank, funds itself with three‑month Eurodollar time deposits at LIBOR. Assume that Alfa Laval comes to SEB seeking a one‑year, fixed‑rate loan of $10 million, with interest to be paid quarterly. At the time of the loan disbursement, SEB raises thr

    Interest and Future Value

    Mr. and Mrs. Bush wish to purchase a boat in 8 years when they retire. They are planning to purchase the boat using proceeds from the sale of their property which is currently worth $90,000 and its value is growing at 7 percent a year. The boat is currently worth $200,000 increasing at 5 percent per year. In addition to the v

    U.S. corporation could hedge net receivables in euros

    5. Hedging with Futures. Explain how a U.S. corporation could hedge net receivables in euros with futures contracts. Explain how a U.S. corporation could hedge net payables in Japanese yen with futures contracts.