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    Accounting for Liabilities

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    Cash Flow to Total Liabilities Ratio

    THE PROBLEM: Calculate the Cash Flow to Total Liabilities Ratio and the Return to Net Operating Ratio for Johnson and Johnson (2002) 1) Here are the sites with the financial statements and data: http://www.jnj.com/2002AnnualReport/financials/consolidated/index.htm http://www.jnj.com/2002AnnualReport/financial

    Calculation of net profit by analyzing changes to assets and liabilities.

    ABC Company reports the following balance sheet information for 1997: 1 January 1997 --------------- Assets: $60,000 Liabilities: $12,000 31 December 1997 ----------------- Assets: $70,000 Liabilities: $14,000 Assume that new investments made by owners during 1997 were $3,000 and that withdrawals were $12,000. F