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    Clothing and Personal Décor

    Clothing and personal décor are common, everyday products which can be produced from an array of plant species. Clothing has been made from various plants since ancient times and furthermore, plants have been used to fulfill aesthetic purposes for centuries.

    In terms of clothing, cloth has been made from organic fibres for hundreds of years. Yarn can be spun from the fibres of plants and this is then used for the production of cloth which can then be utilized for desinging clothing. Some types of materials which come from plants include cotton, hemp and flax. For example, cotton comes from the seeds of plants which produce cotton fibre in the form of ball-shaped clumps (1). 

    Various parts of a plant or even an entire plant can be used for personal décor purposes. For example, many individuals enjoy having house plants in their homes or planting flowers all around their properties to produce beautiful gardens. This is a type of personal décor which incorporates the plants of one’s choice and these plants are continually maintained so that they grow and remain healthy. Personal décor such as the frames of mirrors, pieces of furniture and posters for example, depend on the wood from tree species for manufacturing. Furthermore, when it comes to wood based products individuals are also specific about the type of wood they prefer since properties such as colour are important when decorating.

    Clearly plants have and continue to be used for clothing and personal décor products which provide cultural, economic and social benefits. Clothing and personal décor resemble another dimension of functionality possible with plant species.


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