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Sample Size Determination

Sample Size and Finite Population Correction Factor

The house of representatives has a very controversial bill that will be going to vote. To help formulate his strategy on how to get the bill passed, the chairman of the committee that has been studying the bill wishes to know if there is a division between Democrats and Republicans on the issue or if there is some other basis fo

Sample size

Z= .49 confidence level e= 10.00 desired margin of error 0= 500 population standard deviation I can't make the Greek letter for the last one so I used o which is the close to the o with a line I need to know what the sample size will be with this information.

Important information about Sample size needed to estimate a population mean.

Suppose that a researcher is interested in estimating the mean systolic blood pressure of executives of major corporations. He plans to use the blood pressures of a random sample of executives of major corporations to estimate the population mean. Assuming that the standard deviation of the population of systolic blood pressures

Proportions in marketing survey

Question 4 (20 Points): A marketing survey is to be planned to estimate the proportion of all customers who would subscribe to a new pay-per-view service that a cable TV plans to offer. The sample size for the survey is to be decided to estimate this proportion within a margin of error 2 percentage of points using a 95% confiden

Finding Minimum Sample Size

A survey of shoppers is planned to determine what percentage use credit cards. Prior surveys suggest that 59% use credit cards. The required margin of error is 0.02 at 95% confidence. What is the minimum sample size required to assure that your sample proportion "p" will be within the required margin of error, around the popul