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    Designing Studies

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    Economic Case Study - Universal

    Economics - Summary The economics involved in the make or buy issue were unusually complex. In 1982 the manufacturing facilities that were required to make a meaningful volume of semiconductors for Universal would have cost in excess of $50 million. There was concern about Universal's ability to run a high-tech semiconductor fa

    Designing an experiment

    "We are interested in whether higher levels of physical activity are associated with lower cholesterol levels" 1. First I need to figure out how to measure those two variables?? 2. Then they want me to design an ex-post facto (quasi-experimental) study...but i still have no idea what that is.. how would I go about doing th

    Unfair tests lack?

    Gail complains that her history was unfair and "did not cover the material!" She is complaining that the tests lacks a. Reliability b. External validity c. Content validity d. Power

    Identifying Research Design Used: Smoking and Child Health

    Record the type of research design used. True lab experiment, quasi-experiment, field experiment, or correlation design. Dr. Reynolds studies the relationship between parental smoking and children's health. He found that the more frequently the parents smoked in the househod, the more likely children in the household had lu