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Confidence Interval

Find regression lline and confidence interval

Question 1: Suppose we have the following information from a simple regression: -What is the coefficient of determination?? -What is the correlation coefficient? -What is the sample mean of Y?? -Test the hypothesis vs. , with ? = 0.05.   Question 2: survey 35 students and find that the mean daily spending is $63.57 with a

Jacob Lee Flight Times

Jacob Lee is a frequent traveler between Los Angeles and San Francisco. For the past month, he wrote down the flight times on three different airlines. The results are found in the attachment. a. Use the .05 significance level and the five-step hypothesis-testing process to check if there is a difference in the mean flight ti

Newt Dimswitch: Construction Crew

Newt Dimswitch owns a small construction company in Chesapeake, Virginia. He often uses more than one construction crew, and has had a difficult time maintaining records on profit levels, cost controls, and other variables that are necessary in making business decisions. Newt somehow feels that the use of one of his construction

How to Find Confidence Interval and Perfrom One Tailed T Test

Let x be a random variable representing percetage of carboxyhemoglobin in the blood. For a person who is a regular heavy smoker, x has a distribution that is approximately normal. A random sample of n= 12 blood test given to a heavy smoker gave the following results: 9.1 9.5 10.2 9.8 11.3 12.2 11.6 10.3 8.9 9.7 13.4 9.9 a

Cumulative weight loss: propranolol treatment

The following table presents the mean cumulative weight loss (in grams) for 30 patients receiving propranolol (treatment) and for 60 control patients following sweating during insulin-induced hypoglycemia. Mean loss weight compared between treatment and control for 90 patients during insulin-induced hypoglycemia Intervention

Statistics Problem Set and the Standard Normal Distribution

1. (TCO 6) In the standard normal distribution, the variance is always 0 1 2 none of these 2. (TCO 6) The area under the standard normal curve is 0 1 2 none of these 3. (TCO 6) If John gets an 80 on a physics test where the mean is 85 and the stan

Confidence intervals: MBA Student Survey

Using the data in the Excel file (MBA Student Survey), find 95% confidence intervals for the mean number of nights out per week and mean number of study hours per week by gender. Based on the confidence intervals, would you conclude that there is a difference in social and study habits between males and females?

Confidence Interval Problem

A random sample of 17 wolf litters in Ontario, Canada gave an average of x1= 4.9 wolf pups per litter, with estimated sample standard deviation s1 - 1.0. Another random sample of 6 wolf litters in Finland gave an average of x2= 2.8 wolf pups per litter, with sample standard deviation s2 - 1.2. a) Find an 85% confidence interv

Population Proportion Problem

A population proportion has a 95% confidence interval of 0.297<p< 0.453. Which of the following are possible values of the population proportion? p = 0.3124 p = 0.2105 p = 0.4517 All of the above.


Statistics - Lab #6 Statistical Concepts: Data Simulation Discrete Probability Distribution Confidence Intervals Calculations for a set of variables Open the class survey results that were entered into the MINITAB worksheet. We want to calculate the mean for the 10 rolls of the die for each student in the class.

Statistic problems

1. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported the results of a survey of driving safety. In a random sample of 900 drivers, 425 were using their cell phone. Compute,and explain, a 95% confidence interval estimate of the population proportion of drivers who use their cell phone while driving. 2. Grades on a final exam in S

Case Analysis: Using data to make decisions about honeymoon destinations.

To complete this assignment, use to the "Honeymoon Destinations" reading from your studies for this unit, and the Honeymoon Destinations Code-book Excel file and the Honeymoon Destinations Code-book Errata document linked in the Resources. Note that there are three discrepancies between the data in the case code book from the re

Confidence Levels and P-Values

1) In a survey conducted to determine the cost of vacations, 64 individuals were randomly sampled. Each person was asked the cost of her or his most recent vacation and the sample mean was computed as $1810.16. Assuming that the population standard deviation is $400, estimate with 95% confidence the average cost of all vacations

Estimating the Mean Mathematics ACT Score

A sample of 64 statistics students at a small college had a mean mathematics ACT score of 28 with a standard deviation of 4. Estimate the mean mathematics ACT score for all statistics students at this college. Give the 95% confidence interval.

Confidence Interval and Sample Size in HR Departments

1.) A sample of 35 different HR departments found that employees worked an average of 240.6 days a year. If the population standard deviation is 18.8 days, find the 90% confidence interval for the average number of days ? worked by all employees of these HR departments. A) 230.9 < ? < 250.3 B) 236.8 < ? < 244.4 C) 232.4 < ? <

Confidence Intervals and the Very Quick Rule

Biting an unpopped kernel of popcorn hurts! As an experiment, a self-confessed connoisseur of cheap popcorn carefully counted 773 kernels and put them in a popper. After popping, the unpopped kernels were counted. There were 86. (a) Construct a 90 percent confidence interval for the proportion of all kernels that would not pop

Confidence Interval.

FedEx and United Parcel Service (UPS) are the world's leading cargo carriers by volume and revenue (The Wall Street Journal, January 27, 2004). According to the Airports Council International, the Memphis International Airport (FedEx) and the Louisville International Airport (UPS) are two of the ten largest cargo airports in the

95% Confidence interval

The Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper has decided to write an article about gasoline prices in the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis and St. Paul). The paper has designed a survey and taken a simple random sample of regular, unleaded gas prices at 35 area stations. The results are in the Area Gas Prices - Random Sample Excel file.

Constructing a 95% confidence interval

If x bar =75, S = 24, and n = 36, and assuming that the population is normally distributed, construct a 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean, µ.

Margin of error and confidence interval for the population mean

Use the given confidence level and sample data to find (a) the margin of error and (b) the confidence interval for the population mean. Assume that the population has a normal distribution. Weight lost on a diet: 99% confidence; n = 61, x = 3.0 kg. s = 5.7 kg. (a) E = ______kg (Round to one decimal place) (b) What is t

Explanation of Confidence Interval

Randomly selected students participated in an experiment to test their ability to determine when one minute (or sixty seconds) has passed. Forty student yielded a sample mean of 61.8 seconds. Assuming that the standard deviation = 8.1 seconds, construct and interpret a 99% confidence interval estimate of the population mean of a

Assistance with Case Study

I am a graduate student, needing assistance with a case study that I am working on. Due to scheduling issues and an increased work load this week, I am needing help with some of the leg work required. I will attach all files needed and will GUARANTEE proper citation/referencing of any assistance you may provide. Given the qu

Computer Services, Inc. wants to determine a confidence interval for the average CPU time of their teleprocessing transactions. A sample of 64 transactions yielded a mean of 6 seconds with a standard deviation of 0.8 seconds. Determine a 98% confidence interval for the average CPU time.

Computer Services, Inc. wants to determine a confidence interval for the average CPU time of their teleprocessing transactions. A sample of 64 transactions yielded a mean of 6 seconds with a standard deviation of 0.8 seconds. Determine a 98% confidence interval for the average CPU time.

Confidence Intervals: Consumption of Alcohol

Consumption of alcoholic beverages by young women of drinking age has been increasing in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe (The Wall Street Journal, February 15, 2006). Data (annual consumption in liters) consistent with the findings reported in The Wall Street Journal article are shown for a sample of 20 Europea

Need help with excel formulas

43. A phoenix wealth management/harris interactive survey of 1500 individuals with net worth of $1 million or more provided a variety of statistics on wealthy people. The previous three-year period has been bad for the stock market, which motivated some of the questions asked. a. The survey reported that 53% of the re

I need help formulating this in excel

Sales personnel for Skillings Distributors submit weekly reports listing the customer contacts made during the week. A sample of 65 weekly reports showed a sample mean of 19.5 customer contacts per week. The sample standard deviation was 5.2. Provide 90% and 95% confidence intervals for the population mean number of weekly custo