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    Declination and Right Ascension

    I'm stuck on this multiple choice question: Which of the following could be the equitorial co-ordinates of a star that rises to the south of east when viewed from 48 degrees north latitude, and 88 degrees west longitude? a declination 60, right ascension 13 hours b declination 30, right ascension 6 hours c declination -3

    Star Measurements

    A.) Briefly describe three ways that distances to stars can be measured. b.) Name an object, not man made , that emits light in pulsars similar to those from a pulsar. Any wavelegnth is okay. Could we detect these pulses if they came from Jupiter? From a nearby star? c.) Name a type of expansion (or expanding object) that

    Compare the stars found in the galactic disk

    Compare the stars found in the galactic disk (where the sun is located), also known as Population I stars, with the stars in the halo of our galaxy, known as Population II stars. **** Minimum 100 words - Cite all sources / urls