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    Sound Measurement

    There are many different methods of measuring sound and hearing. It can be measured by behavioral tests using an audiometer. Small measurements of hearing thresholds can be measured using electrophysiological tests. These tests include auditory brainstem evoked potentials, otoacoustic emissions and electrocochleography. Due to the advances in technology, these tests are able to be performed on infants. 

    The perception of sound in any organism is limited to a certain range of frequencies. Organisms only have a specific frequency of sound that they are able to hear. Hearing is normally limited to frequencies between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. However these limitations are not definite. The upper limit generally decreases with age. Dogs have a different rage of hearing. For example, dogs can perceive vibrations higher than 20,000 Hz but are deaf below 40 Hz.

    There is equipment that is specifically made to produce sound. These pieces of sound equipment use sound measurements to ensure the proper sound is being produced. Some equipment is used to generate sound such as in musical instruments; while other sound equipment is used to enhance sound such as microphones. 

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    Sounds and measurement of Indianapolis 500

    At the Indianapolis 500, you can measure the speed of cars just by listening to the difference in pitch of the engine noise between approaching and receding cars. Suppose the sound of a certain car drops by a factor of 1.20 as it goes by on the straightaway. How fast is it going? (Take the speed of sound to be 343 m/s.) .......

    Calculate the speed of the fetal heart wall

    A 1.70 MHz sound wave travels through a pregnant woman's abdomen and is reflected from the fetal heart wall of her unborn baby. The heart wall is moving toward the sound receiver as the heart beats. The reflected sound is then mixed with the transmitted sound, and 85 beats per second are detected. The speed of sound in body tiss

    Sound Intensity and Threshold of pain

    You are investigating the report of a UFO landing in an isolated portion of New Mexico, and encounter a strange object that is radiating sound waves uniformly in all directions. Assume that the sound comes from a point source and that you can ignore reflections. You are slowly walking toward the source. When you are 7.5 m from i

    Waves and Sound

    You can estimate the distance to a lightning flash by counting the seconds that elapse between the time you see the flash and when you hear the accompanying thunder. (a) The approximate distance in miles is obtained by dividing the time in seconds by 5. Explain why this is so. (b) Estimate the distance to a lightning flash that

    Measurement and Loudness of Sound

    Pick a specific sound, give the decibels of the sound, and explain what this measurement means? Example of the sound: Loud car horn on http://home.new.rr.com/trumpetb/audio/dBexamp.html Can you explain this to me?