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    Synthetic Geometry

    Identifying types of conics

    For each of the equations identify the type of conic it is and list the major features associated with this type of conic Major Features Circles - Find the coordinates of the center - Find the length of the radius - Find the length of the diameter Parabolas - Find the coordinates of the vertex - Find the coordinates

    Inequality Functions Proved

    Suppose that there are three points A,B and C on a line where C is between A and B. o is any other point not on the line. Prove that OA+OB>OC

    Chart movement using latitude and longitude

    To chart the movement of a polar bear, scientists attached a radio transmitter to its neck. Two tracking stations monitor the radio signals. Station B is 10 miles directly east of station A. On Monday, station A measured the direction of the bear at N43degreesE, and, station B, at N30degreesW. Three days later, the directions to