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Max, min, inflection pts

If f(x) = x^4 - 4x^3 + 10 find the relative extrema of the function and the points of inflection of its graph. Also, sketch the graph of the function. a. The x-value(s) of the relative minima of function f: ________________ b. The x-value(s) of the relative maxima of function f: _______________ c. The x-value(s) of poi

Chain Rule

Please See Attachment. Suppose f: R  R is differentiable and let Show that

Directional differentiation

Let (see equation in attached file) - find all the directional derivatives of f at 0 - is f continuous at 0? - Is f differentiable at 0?

Gompertz Equation

2. The Gompertz equation y'(t) = y[a-b*ln(y)] is an important model for avascular tumor growth. In the avascular growth phase, tumor cells obtain nutrients directly from the surrounding tissue. (The transition from avascular to vascular growth is marked by the onset of angiogenesis, the formation of blood vessels, which are

Derivatives and Rate of Change : Calculate the rate a shadow is moving up a wall.

I need to determine how fast a shadow is moving up a wall. Given the heigth of the wall the height if the object that cast the shadow. The length of the wire the object moves on, and the height of the light that casts the shadow. I have worked out the first sections in an Excel 2000 spreadsheet but I need a push in the right di


The morse potential is D*[1-exp(-ax)]^2 , where D, a are positive constants. Show that x=0 is a stable equilibrium, and that the period of small oscillations about it is... (See attachment for full question)

Lagrangian multipliers

1) Who can explain me Lagrangian multipliers with drawings scheme etc... 1)I just can't imagine what is happening in space with Lagrangian multipliers. 2) I did this problem but here also I can't understand it, because I can't understand what is happening in space! could you explain it with drawings and schemes please : the

Partial differentiation

When I write (Wx)y it means the partial derivative of W according to x with y constant ! Supposethat g(x,y)=c a constant and W=f(x,y,z) . Which of the following makes sense as the derivative Wx ? : a) (Wx)x b) (Wx)y c) (Wx)z 2) suppose that cos(x-y)=5u and W=x^2*y*u. Find (Wu)x. 3) Consider the cu

Derivative and a Tangent Line

Compute the derivative of the given function and find the equation of the line that is tangent to its graph for the specified value of x0. Equation: f(x)= x^3-x; x0=-2

Solve: Computing a Derivative

Complete the following: Solve for the derivative of the given function, finding the slope of the line that is tangent to its graph for the specified value of the independent variable f(x) = x^2-1; x=-1

Find the Gradient of the function

Find the gradient of the function: (3√θ^3) / 2sin2θ I have a number of these questions to complete could you please explain each step involved to get the correct answer

Partial derivative

Compute the first-order partial derivative of the given function z=xy^2/x^2y^3+1

L'Hopital's rule and improper integrals

Please show or explain step by step process. Please use proper notation. Volume: Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the graph y=xe^(-x), y=0 and x=0 about the x-axis.


How do you find the derivatives of: ln(1 + 5/x) and of: (ln(1 + x)/x) / (1/x) ?


Solve the following two equations. In each case, determine dy/dx: a.)y=xcos(2x^2) Is this right? y'=x(-sin)(2x^2)(4x) =-4x^2sin(2x^2) b.)y=xe^-x^2 Is this right? y'=-xe^-x^2+1(e^-x) =-xe^-x^2+e^-x

Derivative Approximation

Approximate the derivative of y=x^3 at x=2 by assuming delta x = 0.001 and determining the corresponding change delta y. Compare the approximate value with the exact value. This is what I did - does it look at all right? y(2)=(2)^3=8 y(2.01)=(2.01)^3=8.120601 delta y=8.120601-8=0.120601 dy/dx~delta y/delta x = 0.1206


Category: Business > Management Subject: Management Science Details: 1. Which of the following statements are true for f(x) = x2? (Chapter 10) a. f(x) is a concave function b. f(x) </= 20 is a convex set c. f(x) >/= 5 is a convex set d. none of the above 2. Which of the following statements are true for f(x) =

Differentiation and Rate of Change Word Problems

1) Differentate the equations a) y=8/5xsquared b) y=4cosX - 3ex 2)The fomula C=60=t3/12 This equation refers to a machine in a workshop. This machine costs £C to lease each week according to the formula and t is the number of hours per week worked by the machine. The rate of increase of cost during the week is given by dC