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    Tort Law

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    Strict Liability Scenario

    Use the IRAC Formula to cover the rule of law and apply it to the situation. Chen buys a television set manufactured by Quality TV Appliance, Inc. She is going on vacation, so she takes the set to her mother's house for her mother to use. Because the set is defective, it explodes, causing her mother to be seriously injured. C

    Affirmative Defenses are highlighted.

    Factual Situation: Two minors, Bill Jones and Robert Smith, were killed when a soft drink vending machine fell on them and crushed them. At the time that the machine fell on them, they were rocking the machine back and forth and side to side, attempting to steal soft drinks and/or money from the machine. The boys' parents file

    Dispute Settlement is exemplified.

    ABC is a multinational enterprise (MNE) incorporated in State X. ABC entered into a joint venture agreement with XYZ, an MNE incorporated in State Y, to jointly produce a new line of hydraulic equipment in ABC's new factory in State Z, a developing nation. ABC & XYZ have mutually agreed to have the law of State Y govern any disp

    Tort Law

    Can you please describe a violation of tort law that you are aware of or have been witness to in regards to long-term care or at least the health care field. Your example should be at least in negotiation of settlement stage or ready for trial. Were the rights of the parties protected or violated in your view, and what remedie

    20 Legal Multiple Choice Questions

    1. Which of the following statements regarding trial courts is false? A) Cases involving significant dollar amounts usually begin at the trial court level. B) Trial courts keep detailed records of their proceedings. C) Determination of the applicable law is the trial judge's responsibility D) The trial court