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    Legal Issues in Health Care

    Risk Management in Hospitals

    You are the new Director of Risk Management at Little Falls Hospital, which is a 450-bed tertiary care facility in a major urban area in the Northeast. The hospital is an integrated health system that provides the full array of inpatient and outpatient services. The hospital enjoys a reputation for quality care in the area.

    Health Care Question

    Whitner Vs. South Carolina This case concerns the scope of the child abuse and endangerment statute in the South Carolina Childrenâ??s Code. We hold the work â??childâ? as used in that statute includes viable fetuses. Facts: On April 20, 1992, Cornelia Whitner pled guilty to criminal child neglect, S.C. Code Ann. §20

    Legal Aspects of Healthcare

    You are the hospital administrator, and this situation has been brought to your attention. The mother of a pregnant minor seeks to obtain the daughterâ??s medical records because she wishes to see if the daughter indicated to hospital personnel the identity of the father of her unborn child. The patient is a 12-year-old, unmarr

    The solution attached pertains to legal responsibilities of health care corporations and institutions. Many terms are explained, as well as the requirements for a claim of medical negligence to be ruled. The solution discusses some of the many considerations that are handled by the Board of Directors of a health care corporation.

    The solution answers questions regarding legal responsibility and liability in health care. It discusses the four conditions necessary for a claim of medical negligence to be considered, with examples of each. Further discussion explains legal responsibility in an agency relationship and the principle of respondeat superior.

    The Legal Ramifications of Whistle Blowing

    You are employed at St. Whocare's Medical Center. You are told by another healthcare professional that they have solid proof that a doctor is breaking the law, but they say that they aren't going to report the doctor in question. What are the individual consequences to a health care provider for not reporting another provider

    Healthcare Resource Issues

    1. What are some creative ideas for recruitment and retentions in health care? 2. How does the case mix index impact the revenue of the organization and the services provided? 3. How do you deal with limited resources when you are responsible for providing quality care and meeting regulatory or legislative standards/guidel

    Legal Aspects of Health Administration

    You are the administrator on duty at General Hospital. It is Friday afternoon and the day shift is anxious to get off work on time and start the weekend. Mrs. Anderson, a mid-level administrator on her day off, brings her 15 year old daughter, Sandra, in for a check-up of abdominal pain. Examinations and diagnostic work-up re

    Healthcare Issues

    Mullan (2005) reports an estimated 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants are arriving in our country each year. Greater than 40 % of immigrant children live in low-income families. Immigrant children enter the healthcare system insured or uninsured and require our care. Industriousness and the desire to escape poverty pull fa

    Parents Should Be Able to Make Health Care Decisions

    Case 16-year-old female comes into the clinic with her mother for evaluation of acne and headaches. When the doctor is taking the history, the young girl discloses that she has a boyfriend, that she is sexually active, and her partner occasionally uses condoms. Her last menstrual period was two months ago, and she is concerne

    Human Resources Management Project

    1. I am having a hard time on the web finding what are the items that must be included in the advertisement for legal purposes for hiring a registered nurse. Can you list them or tell me the web site I can look. 2. The other part of the question is list the key skills, knowledge, abilities or qualities the successful candida