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    Oct 2018
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    • MBA, Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, 2020
    • BSc, University of Calcutta, 2016


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    Dutch auction for S&S Air

    I need help writing this in-depth finance case analysis. I do understand that this is not an assignment but is notes, ideas, and research from you to provide.

    Read the Case: S&S Air Goes Public

    a. At the end of the discussion, Mark asks Renata about the Dutch auction IPO process. What are the READ MORE »

    Business / Finance / Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) » 650434

    Launching a New International Airline

    Business Post Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.proxy.cecybrary.com/docview/1674079583?accountid=45927

    Warren Buffet said that investors would have been better off if the Wright brothers had not invented the airplane in 1903. Investors have lost billions of dollars in international airlin READ MORE »

    Economics / Cost-Benefit Analysis » 650419

    Why I should be appointed a manager

    Create a 5-Minute Pitch. Imagine that you are hoping to move into a management position that has become available in your organization. You see the hiring manager, but she has only five minutes available to talk. How do you determine what is important to share in this short amount of time and what y READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management / Leadership Skills » 650175

    Disparity in income in different parts of the same neighborhoods

    1) What is the poverty rate in Bridgeport, Connecticut and how does it affect the people that live there?

    2) How does the US have one of the highest industrialized poverty rates in the world?

    3) How is it possible for one side of a neighborhood to be poor and the other side wealthy?

    4) How READ MORE »

    Social Work / Poverty and Homelessness » 650240

    USA position in business cycle today

    Please review the following:

    A Depression With Benefits: The Macro Case For mREITs
    Also visit the Bureau of Economic Analysis and look up the latest new release for real GDP.

    Part 1: Discuss where the USA is in the business cycle now. Is this business cycle similar or different than other pos READ MORE »

    Economics / Basic Economic Concepts and Principles / Elasticity » 650253
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