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    Ecological model and childhood trauma

    1. Identify how the social worker might have used the ecological model to understand Brandon's situation based on a person-in-environment perspective. Explain the use of the ecological model in this case on micro, mezzo, and macro levels.
    2. Describe strengths that the social worker may have misse READ MORE »

    Social Work / Violence / Domestic/Family Violence » 653874

    Dutch auction for S&S Air

    I need help writing this in-depth finance case analysis. I do understand that this is not an assignment but is notes, ideas, and research from you to provide.

    Read the Case: S&S Air Goes Public

    a. At the end of the discussion, Mark asks Renata about the Dutch auction IPO process. What are the READ MORE »

    Business / Finance / Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) » 650434

    Project management can reduce supply chain risk

    The following link leads to a blog.

    Please provide your answer to the following questions:
    1. Provide and discuss a two key points that you think are the most important from the article. Articulate your READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management » 652820

    Kernel and SWaC

    Discuss how Rumelt's concept of the "kernel" might align with "SMaC" in Great by Choice.

    Business / Business Management » 653643

    Ordering Operation Geronimo was illegal

    Persuasive Essay. In about 850 words APA-7and with 3 references. (no passive voice)

    TOPIC: "President Obama did not have the legal authority to order Operation Geronimo and to execute the plan."

    The illegality of Bin Laden's Killing Under International Law.

    Provide a strong introducti READ MORE »

    Economics / Economic Policy / International Policies » 653029
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