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    Mining Engineering

    Mining engineering is the science of extracting and processing minerals from a naturally occurring environment. It also includes minerals for additional value. It is essential to modern society. Mining activities by their nature cause a disturbance of the environment in and around which the minerals are located. Mining engineers must also be concerned with the production and processing of mineral commodities and the mitigation or damage to the environment.

    Mining engineers are also involved in the mineral discovery stage by working with geologists to identify a mineral reserve. Engineers drill core samples and conduct surface surveys searching for specific compounds and ores. The discovery can be made from research of mineral maps, academic geological reports or local, state and national geological reports.

    After a mineral is located, the mining engineer will determine the ore properties. A chemical analysis of the ore is done to determine the composition. Once the mineral identification and reserve amount is reasonably determined, the next step is to determine the feasibility of recovering the mineral deposit. The market condition of the mineral is also examined to determine whether it is feasible to create a mine. 

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    Data Mining and Collection

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    Lift Charts

    The mass-mailing business is often used to illustrate the use of lift charts. Another real world application where the lift charts can be used, is the age response data where the lift charts can benefit.

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    "Tree Pruning." Our textbook says that the tree pruning addresses the problem of "overfitting the data." Discuss how overfitting affects the performance of a decision tree. Some overview: http://chem-eng.utoronto.ca/~datamining/dmc/decision_tree_overfitting.htm

    Break Even Stripping Ratio (BESR)

    Given an underground total mining cost of $8.85 per tonne, surface mining costs of $2.95 per tonne of ore, and surface mining stripping costs of $1.75 per tonne of waste, calculate the break even stripping ratio (with zero profit) between surface and underground mining.

    Metallurgical balance in mineral processing

    Assume 2000 short tons of ore were mined, 200 tones were rejected as waste and the tonnage accepted for metallurgical treatment is 1800. Assay for the feed is 4%, for the concentrate is 4.4% and for the waste, 0.4%.

    This is a decison making problem of Materials Engineering involving mining, grinding & processing of ore. The decision on method of ore processing will be made based on total costing and profitability of ore processing

    The question involves the examination of a possible change in operating conditions that does not involve a change in capital outlay. Hint first determine is this an annual cost only or does the present value need to be accounted for. A concentrator with a nominal $12,000 tonne per day capacity operated 360 days a year. The g

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    BiCMOS Diff-Amp

    The BiCMOS circuit in Figure P11.57 is equivalent to a pnp bipolar transistor with an infinite input impedance. The bias current is Iq=900uA. The transistor parameters are :Kp=1ma/V^2, Vtp=-1V, and lambda=0 for M1; and Beta=100, Vbe(on)=.7, and Va=infinity for Q2. [a] Sketch the small-signal equivalent circuit (mine didn't wo