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    Public Finance

    Charging to Use the Street Lights?

    See attached for question. Criteria for answering question Provided an analysis of pricing of public goods. Used an appropriate graph for the analysis. Explained how streetlight is a public good. Analyzed and used an appropriate graph for the pricing problem of public street lights. Evaluated the efficiency of

    Assets and Liabilities

    First look at the ASSET side of your balance sheet. What are the major economic differences between bank loans and investments? Aren't both intended to generate profits? Now look at the LIABILITY side of your balance sheet. What are the major economic differences between deposits and borrowed funds? Aren't both intended to f

    Public Goods

    List two characteristics of public goods and explain the significance of each for public provision as opposed to private provision.

    Pros and cons of public choice by consensus decisions

    Please provide full work and explanation. Thank you 1. Public Choice The Free City of Christiania is a community of around 800 adults and 250 children within the city of Copenhagen. It was set up by "hippies and others" and is not subject to the same laws as the rest of Denmark. "There is no governing council or other a

    Funding of cultural institutions

    Many of Italy's great art treasures are owned and managed by the government. Italy's cultural institutions, however, are in trouble because of inadequate government funding. In response, the government in 2002 set up a new state agency whose purpose was to value Italy's cultural treasures and decide what could be sold or lease

    Initial public offering

    Pick a company from the internet that had an initial public offering in the past 5-10 years. Identify the IPO terms and answer the following questions: a) Did this company need to go public to in order to meet its financial needs? b) As an investor, would you have been willing to purchase the company?s stock at the off

    State government borrowing

    What is the difference between a state government borrowing to fund the construction of, say, a new school building adn borrowing to balance the current budget? Describe the limits financial markets impose on state government borrowing. How are they different from the limits these same markets impose in Federal government bor