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    Production Function

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    I have the answer to the first problem but I dont know how to do #2 and #3

    A firm has a technology described by the production function: q = 2.5 L1/4K1/2 where L is the number of labor units per period and K is the number of square feet of floor space and machines per period, and q represents firm output. The firm faces the following output and input prices on the market, and these are f

    Financial Management

    Please show work: The use of unit-based cost drivers has the following consequences: (a) simple products are undercosted (b) complex products are overcosted (c) (a) and (b) (d) none of the above. Please provide the correct answer.

    Production function is given by Q = K1/2L1/2 and that capital is fixed at 1unit.

    The manager of a national retailing outlet recently hired an economist to estimate the firm's production function. Based on the economist's report, the manager now knows that the firm's production function is given by Q = K^1/2L^1/2 and that capital is fixed at 1unit. a. Calculate the average product of labor when 9 units of


    Questions on cost and production functions

    Implicit Function Theorem

    Use the Implicit Function Theorem to derive an equation for the slope of the isoquant associated with this production function. 12. You have the following production function for good X: where output (Q) is fixed at a specific level, K is the quantity of capital and L is the quantity of labor used to produce good X