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    Neoclassical Economics

    Monopoly, Oligopoly, Cartel and OPEC

    Using the Cybrary, the Internet, and your course materials, find websites that offer this information and answer the following questions. 1. Explain the difference between a monopoly and an oligopoly, and a cartel. 2. Provide an example of a monopoly, an oligopoly, and a cartel. 3. Discuss the welfare effects of monop


    I need help in determining what factors should be considered when determining the most favorable financial structure for a global business? Can you please give me some examples. Also, I need to know how unethical behavior contributes to global business failures?

    Microeconomics problems

    Economists classify production funtions as possessing constanct, decreasing, or increasing returns to scale. Yet, from a cause and effect point of view, it is not readily apparent why decreasing returns to scale should ever exist. That is, if we duplicate an activity we ought to get duplicate results. Hence, if we truly dupl

    Polanyi - Economic Liberalism "Utopian"

    Polanyi declares economic liberalism as utopian. Define "economic Liberalism" and "utopian". Why does Polanyi think economic Liberalism is utopian, and what evidence does Polanyi offer for this claim. Critically evaluate Polanyi's claim. Is he right? Can you please help offer me some ideas/opinions? Thank you very much!!

    Polanyi - "the right to live"

    Please discuss the following: 1. What does Polanyi mean by "the right to live?" 2. Discuss the right to live in manorial feudalism, early British capitalism (1600-1900), and in the British welfare state in 1970. 3. In your answer, please indicate what is the source of any right to live, what institutions confer or deny i

    Polanyi, Utopian & Liberalism

    Please provides ideas/suggestions/discussion for the following questions: 1. Polany declares economic liberalism as utopian. Define "economic Liberalism" and "utopian". 2. Explain why Polanyi thinks economic Liberalism is utopian, and indicate what evidence Polanyi offers for this claim. 3. Critically evaluate Po

    Labor economics

    A labor market observer notes that amongst a specific demographic group that the quantity of labor supplied by that group has decreased as the market wage has increased. Explain the behaviour of this group and provide a real world example.

    Accounting Problems

    E2-1 On numerous occasions, proposals have surfaced to put the federal government on the accrual basis of accounting. This is no small issue. If this basis were used, it would mean that billions in unrecorded liabilities would have to be booked, and the federal deficit would increase substantially. Instructions (a) What is