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    U.S. Anti-Trust Laws

    Do the U.S. anti-trust laws limit U.S. participation in foreign markets? I know that they are more strict. I understand that the laws against monopolies eliminates economies of scale and scope. Do other countries have problems with our restrictive trade laws? Besides the Ministry of Finance and the keiretsu, are there other

    Economics discussion questions

    1. of the six roles of government listed: a) Providing a stable institutional framework; b) Promote effective and workable competition; c) Correct for externalities; d) Ensure for economic stability and growth; e) Provide for public goods; f) Adjust for undesired market results. Which do you believe is the most controversial?

    Rent Controls

    Some 200 American cities have rent controls designed to protect residents from high housing prices. When city governments back the price of rental housing below the equilibrium price level, the amount of housing demanded by consumers exceeds the amount that landlords are willing to make available. Answer the following questions:

    35 Multiple Choice questions: competitive industry, complementary inputs, marginal revenue product, Conglomerate mergers, Vertical integration, market failure problems in private markets, marginal cost, skilled workers, demand for labor, public good, Marginal resource cost, marginal revenue product, price elasticity of demand for an input, antitrust law,

    1. In a competitive industry, suppose the marginal revenue product (MRP) of the last doughnut baker hired is $35, the MRP of the last bagel baker hired is $15, and a bakery must pay doughnut bakers $40 a day and bagel bakers $10 per day. To maximize profits the bakery should hire: A) more doughnut bakers and less bagel bakers

    Econmic analysis

    Briefly consider the ways in which governments might influence the market for new cars?

    What is the proper way to write a white paper

    Not understandning quite what is expected: You are laying the groundwork for Acme's deployment of key lead operations managers and top level personnel to international manufacturing plants. As such, one expectation the company has for you is that you will research and write relevant economic white papers for the pre-orientation