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    International Economics

    efficient level of abatement

    Using a graph of the pollution abatement market, model a situation in which the allocatively efficient level of abatement occurs at 100 percent, or equivalently where pollution is zero. Referring to the relative position of the MSC and MSB curves, explain this outcome intuitively.

    Quantitative Decision-Making Analysis

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith's have enjoyed sailing small boats since they were 7 years old. They want to start a company to produce small sailboats. Because fo the expense involved, they decided to conduct a pilot study. They estimate that the study will cost $10,000. Furthermore, the study can be either successful or not successful. The

    Horizon Value & Residual Value

    Discuss the similarities and/or differences between (Horizon Value & Residual Value). Include all methods for valuing the terminal value.

    limit on exports

    In 1981, the US negotiated an agreement with the Japanese. The agreement called for Japanese auto firms to limit exports to the US. The Japanese government was charged with helping make sure the agreement was met by the Japanese firms. Were the Japanese firms necessarily hurt by this limited ability to export and why?

    Organizational architecture

    Jan van der Schmidt was the founder of a successful chain of restaurants located throughout Europe. He died unexpectedly at the ages of 55. Jan was sole owner of the company's common stock and was known for being quite authoritarian. He personally made most of the company's personnel decisions. He also made most of the decis

    Foreign Currency Exchange

    When the Euro was first issued it hit the market at $1.17/€ on 1 Jan 2001. Today it is trading for $1.0625. a. What was the Euro price of the dollar when the Euro debuted? b. What has been the appreciation or depreciation of the EURO since it’s debut? c. What has been the average annualized appreciation or depre