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    European Union

    Monopoly and an oligopoly

    You have been contracted by a competitor of SBC to conduct some background research on SBC. Specifically, you have been asked to research, compare, and explain the similarities and differences of the breakup of the AT&T/Bell System antitrust problems that occurred in the 1980s to the recently similar problems with SBC/Ameritech.

    Economies of Scale

    How would you explain the situation below? You are the owner of a small bank in a state that is considering allowing interstate banking. You do not like this because it will be possible for the large money center banks in Washington, Las Vegas to open branches in your banks geographic market area. While the states' reasoni

    Public Finance

    Read the following excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article last fall and answer the questions which follow it: I think the ECB made a bad decision last week in keeping its interest rate unchanged. European interest-rate policy is an issue that Americans need to take more seriously; it is having and will have an increasing i

    European economic history

    How did the economic policies of developed countries after the second world war differ from their policies after the first world war? the "policies referred to here are those which most directly affect international trade.

    Major Non-Tariff Trade Barriers

    In recent years non-tariff barriers have gained in importance as a protectionist device. Describe and evaluate the major non-tariff trade barriers.