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Revenue Recognition


14. A company bought an inventory item 4 times during the year and purchased 10 units each time. The per-unit prices paid as are as follows: purchase 1............$9 purchase 2............$10 purchase 3............$12 purchase 4.............$13 Beginning inventory was 20 units with a per unit cost of $. Ending inventor

Revenue Recognition in a Large Multinational Firm

Halibut Corp. ("HC") is a large multinational engineering and construction firm. One of its major activities is to construct large-scale infrastructure projects such as bridges, highways, dams and desalinization plants. HC is currently starting the construction of a large desalinization plant in Qatar. Details regarding the

accrual-basis or cash-basis recognition of revenues

Revenue on an accrual-accounting basis must be both earned and realized (or realizable) before accountants recognize it in the income statement. Companies recognize revenue in cash-basis accounting only when they have received the cash. Is an accrual-basis or cash-basis recognition of revenue more relevant for evaluating the per

1 MC and 1 Short answer problem

1. The principal DISADVANTAGE of using the percentage-of-completion method of recognizing revenue from long-term contracts is that it (Points: 7) is unacceptable for income tax purposes. gives results based upon estimates which may be subject to considerable uncertainty. is likely to assign a small a

Delong Inc,: Unit sales volume for income equal costs

DeLong Inc. has fixed operating costs of $470,000, variable costs of $2.80 per unit produced, and its products sell for $4.00 per unit. What is the company's breakeven point, i.e., at what unit sales volume would income equal costs?

Revenue Recognition

Dear Brainmass, I am having some difficulty with this problem. I would really appreciate the assistance when you get the chance. Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to review my post. On February 1, 2006 Toms River Construction Company obtained a contract to build a baseball stadium in Lakewood for $3,300,00

Festive Figurines: Compute sales price and volume variances

5. (Sales Variances) William Wong manages the marketing department at Festive Figurines Limited. He is evaluated based on his ability to meet budgeted revenues. For May 2008, his revenue budget was as follows: Price Per Unit Unit Sales Daniel Boone

Digby Income statement: How much revenue to report at March 31?

In the month of March, the Digby Corporation received and delivered orders of 159,000 units at a price of $15.00 for revenue of $2.385mil for their product Daft. Digby uses the accrual method of accounting and offers 30 day credit terms. By the end of May Digby had collected payments of $2.385mil for the March deliveries. How

Receivables and Revenue Recognition

Please help with the following problem. Elway Company ages its accounts receivable to estimate bad debts for financial statement purposes. President Elway is at a meeting with creditors and needs to know his total accounts receivable balance. Unfortunately, Elway picked up the wrong computer report and has, instead, a summ

Point of Revenue Recognition

The following independent situations require professional judgement for determining when to recognize revenue from the transaction. Identify point of revenue recognition. a). Southwest Airlines sells you an advance-purchase airline ticket in September for your flight home at Christmas. b). Ultimate Electronics sells you a

Revenue Recognition Examples

Markup on all sales is 25%. for example, a retail price of $100.00 means the wholesale price is $80.00 ($80.00 x 1.25 = $100.00). Purchases are recorded at net price. For example, a purchase of a $1,000.00 item on terms of 2/10, net 30 is booked at $980.00 December 31 (Wednesday) 1.) Sold merchandise to the following .

Revenue Recognition Examples in Excel

Note for question 2: Received payment from the following customers. The amount shown do not include any discount. You must determine if a discount is appropriate, and if so, how much. Madison Music Store awards partial discounts for payment on account. The sales Amo

Revenue Recognition for a Computer Hardware Company

CALTRON COMPUTERS, INC. Revenue Recognition for a Computer Hardware Company Caltron Computers, Inc. is a publicly held company with a total market capitalization in excess of $450 million. Caltron manufactures minicomputer systems that are designed to achieve the power of a mainframe at a fraction of the cost. The minico

Percentage of completion method of revenue recognition

Problem: Since they no longer play hockey, the Flyers are converting their practice facility into a large senior citizen's complex for a contract price of $5,000,000. This is a three-year project estimated to cost $4,000,000 and the following information is available: (in$ thousands) year1

Experience With Revenue Recognition

#1-E) Experience with Revenue Recognition--- Do you have any experience related to revenue recognition? #2-Please read the financial statement analysis case (Merck & Johnson & Johnson) on page 613, Chapter 12. Please read the instructions for (a), (b), and (c) and address the three questions that are asked. Case Merck & J

Auditing: revenue recognition procedures and policies

You have been recently hired as a new auditor for CM Fancy, a major manufacture of gift boxes. The company has been in operation for the past 5 years and has had a good degree of success. The company's primarily sales channel has been through distributors using a dedicated sales force. Now the company has decided to go public t

Revenue Recognition

Describe the process by which standards are set and how this may affect the Statements of Financial Accounting Standards. Regarding revenue recognition.

Determine East' breakeven volume for their sales of books.

Determine the company's breakeven volume for this book i) in units ii) in dollar sales Develop a breakeven chart for the text Determine the number of copies EAST must sell in order to earn an operating profit of $21,000 on this text Determine the total operating profits at the following sales levels: i) 3,000 units

Auditing (Revenue Recognition)

Judgments about whether revenue should be recognized are among the most contentious that an auditor faces. Following are a number of situations in which the auditor will be required to either acquire additional information or make decisions about the amount of revenue to be recognized. Required: a. Identify the primary criter

Revenue Recognition, Inventory Valuation, and Liability Recognition

For Frantek's current year-end as well as subsequent year-ends, discuss the accounting issues raised by the amendment to the agreement between Frantek and Conte. Include in the discussion: 1) Analyze the relationship between measurement and recognition 2) Explain recognition criteria in the context of this case. 3) A rec

Revenue and Expense Recognition

E7: Allied Company produces cow feed that is sold by Grain Foods Company. Swan receives a royalty of 15 percent of sales. Royalties are paid by Grain Foods and received by Allied semiannually on May 1 for sales made July through December of the previous year and on November 1 for sales made January through June of the current ye

Comprehensive Three Part Revenue Recognition

I just want to make sure that I am approaching these problems correctly so I will only list one of the three probs. Gina Construction Division During the fiscal year ended November 30,2007, Gina Constgruction Division had one construction project in process. A $30,000,000 contract for construction of a civic center was gra


What approach should be taken to preparing financial statements based on recognizing revenues when they are earned and matching expenses to those revenues is?