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    Operational Effectiveness

    Multinational Tax Management

    Gamboa Inc. is a relatively new U.S. based retailer of specialty fruits and vegetables. The firm is vertically integrated with fruit and vegetable sourcing subsidiaries in Central America and distribution outlets throughout the southeastern and northeastern regions of the United States. Gamboa's two Central American subsidiaries

    Effective Cost Accounting System

    How can an organization implement an effective cost accounting system, and avoid the issue of blame? What steps could be taken to ensure that the system is not used inappropriately? How should managers use the information gained from the system, especially when results are negative?

    Production & Operations of a Marina

    I'm the manager at the marina, after your wonderful job of calculating demand for gasoline, now has decided that she will put you to the task of forecasting demand for Wave Runners. You sell a substantial number, partially due to replacing models of owners who have run into objects floating in the Missouri River. Your task, sh

    Maintaining Operations of Circuit

    For a variable control a circuit voltage will be measured on a sample of only five circuits. The past average voltage for sample size 5 has been 3.1 volt, and the range has ben 1.2 volts. What are the upper and lower control limits for the resuling control charts (average and range). Five sample of voltage are taken with

    Operations Scheduling Information

    (Supplement J) Using the information below (see attached file for charts): a. Calculate S/RO and CR for each Job b. Sequence the five jobs using FCFS, SPT, EDD, S/RO, and CR c. Calculate the average flow times and average WIP inventory for each method.

    Operations Management: Purchasing's new Quest

    Which of the following describes purchasing's new quest? a. Teams are required to help purchasing associates select and evaluate the complex array of purchased goods and services. b. Most competitive companies hare all but ceased outsourcing, so purchasing associates are scrambling for meaningful work. c. Purchasing act

    Operational management

    Problem: "Using the right analysis tool will compensate for inexperienced managers." How would you reply? I am looking for ideas on how to apply the appropriate operations tools to aid in decision-making and optimize performance.


    Need help with these exercises: (See attached file for full problem description) --- 1) Tyson Company is planning to expand production because of the increased volume of sales. The CFO estimates that the increased capacity will cost $2,000,000. The expansion can be financed either by bonds at an interest rate of 12% or by

    Financing foreign operations - Bonds

    Please work problems; formula and showing how to solve problem is most important (so I can see how to solve similar problems). Thanks IBM wishes to raise $1 billion and is trying to decide between a domestic dollar bond issue and a Eurobond issue. The U.S. bond can be issued at a coupon of 6.75 percent, paid semiannually, w

    Operations - Capacity utilization

    The Scene: APPRENTICE season Three, Episode One Two teams compete, promoting a new Burger King (BK) Triple Cheese Burger (TCB) Objective: sell the most TCBs! Rules: Both teams still need to serve customers who order the ordinary burgers (OB), though the profits of OB sales are not counted for their competition. Contestant