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    Issuing Shares

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    Critical thinking styles

    1) Autocratic I (AI): Completely autocratic. You solve the problem or make the decision yourself using the information available to you at the present time. 2) Autocratic II (AII): Request specific information. You obtain any necessary information from team members/subordinates, then decide on the solution to the problem you

    Firm Commitment and Best Offer

    There are two basic types of underwriting involved in a cash offer; firm commitment and best offer. Please differentiate between firm commitment and best offer.

    2005 Earnings per Common Share of Tam Company

    The Tam Company's net income for the year ended December 31, 2005 was $10,000. During the year, Tam declared and paid $1,000 cash dividends on preferred stock and $1,750 cash dividends on common stock. At December 31, 2005 the company had 12,000 shares of common stock issued and outanding-10,000 had been issued and outstanding t

    Dilution Potential - Louisiana Timber

    Louisiana Timber Company currently has 5 million shares of stock outstanding and will report earnings of $9 million in the current year. The company is considering the issuance of 1 million additional shares that will net $40 per share to the corporation. a. What is the immediate dilution potential for this new stock issue


    Please show me how to calculate 13-1a, 13-2a, 13-3a, 13-4a, and 13-5a. Thanks See attachment for detailed questions 13-1a: Prepare the entry to close the firms income account.........etc 13-2a: Complete the tables, one for each of the three years, by showing how to allocate partnership income or loss........etc 13-3a:

    Flotation Costs & Issue Size

    Question: Your firm needs to raise $10 million. Assuming that flotation costs are expected to be $15 per share and that the market price of the stock is $120, how many shares would have to be issued? What is the dollar size of the issue?

    Calculating NAV per share

    PROBLEM 2: NAV We (the Topaz Fund LP) are invested in several different fund managers. Let's assume that the list below includes the managers that we are currently invested in. FUND "Value as of Sept 30th" "October Performance" Fund A 4,654,193.21 0.01% Fund B 24,