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    International Trade

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    Trade in International Business

    Scenario: Content Cow Dairy, Inc. began as a small, family-run dairy farm in Wisconsin in the 19th century, established by a Swedish immigrant, John Swanson. Over the years, the firm has acquired more land and now runs a herd of roughly 1,000 milk-producing cows. The firm is now incorporated for reasons of liability although

    International Trade - Production Possibilities

    What happens to a country's production possibilities frontier if a law is passed prohibiting workers from ever working in an industry other than the one they are currently employed in. How does this affect the gains from trade?

    Trade Secrets and Measures to Protect Them

    1. Query the internet for an article on "Trade Secrets 2006." Summarize the findings (maximum of two pages, double-spaced). 2. Write a couple of paragraphs about something in an office setting that might qualify as a trade secret. What is being done to protect it?

    History, Compositional Shifts Exports, and Non-tradables

    When comparing the composition of world trade in the early 20th Century to the early 21st Century, we find major compositional changes. These include a relative decline in agricultural and primary-products (including raw materials). How would you explain this in terms of broad historical developments during this period? In t

    Economic Theory Analysis: Heckscher-Ohlin Theory

    How does the Heckscher-Ohlin theory differ from Ricardian theory in explaining international trade patterns? The Heckscher-Ohlin theory demonstrates how trade affects the distribution of income within trading partners. Explain. How does the Leontief paradox challenge the overall applicability of the factor-endowment model?

    Trade Union

    I am study trade unions at the moment and I just need a couple of things cleared up. Please help me with the following questions: 1. How would trade unions argue against the criticism that businesses they operate within aren't flexible enough? 2. What are the benefits of being in a trade union rather than on an individ

    World Trade

    What is World Trade and how is trade operations carried out?

    International Business Practices

    Details: Your proposal to expand into three countries was approved by the CEO. Now you have to decide on a strategy - will PM Company simply sell its products (trade) or expand its markets via investment? Choose one international trade and one international investment strategy to research and recommend. Research the advantages a

    International Business Practices

    Scenario: You have achieved great success at Physical Movement Company (PM Co.) as their Sales Manager. PM Company is a three year old, US$25 million home healthcare company, headquartered in the northeastern part of the United States. The firm creates and sells wheelchairs, walkers or other types of "mobility products" that

    Global Business

    What are some of the technological advances in telecommunications and transportation that have impacted global business in the last decade and what are their impact? Also, what are the benefits of a trade deficit and a trade surplus? What are the implications of each?

    Accumulated depreciation and trade in value

    A company trades an old tractor getting $29,000 trade in allowance and paying $83,000 cash. The old tractor cost $96,000 and had a depreciation value of $52,500. It was expected it would last 8 years and have a $12,000 salvage value. What is the book value of the old tractor at time of the exchange, the loss on this similar a