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    Interest Rates and the Cost of Debt

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    Calculate the compound interest and present value

    Calculate the compound interest for the following: $10,000 invested for 10 years at 10% compounded annually $4,000 invested for 7 years at 8% compounded annually Calculate the present value for the following: $400 to be received 10 years from now discounted back to the present at 10% $600 to be received 5 year

    Compound Interest Rate: Future Value of Deposit

    Suppose you put $100 into a savings account today, the account pays a simple annual interest rate of 6 percent, but compounded semiannually, and you withdraw $100 after 6 months. What would your ending balance be 20 years after the initial $100 deposit was made? a. $226.20 b. $115.35 c. $ 62.91 d. $ 9.50 e. $ 3.00

    Finance: Juanita's present value of tax shield; Tip-Top's cost of equity capital

    I need help with the following Finance questions: Please show me a step-by-step solution. Juanita's Steak House has $12,000 of (perpetual) debt outstanding that is selling at par and has a coupon rate of 8%. The tax rate is 34%. What is the present value of the tax shield? The Tip-Top Paving Co. has a beta of 1.11, a cost

    As interest is recorded on an interest-bearing note

    6. As interest is recorded on an interest-bearing note, the Interest Expense account is ________. decreased; the Interest Payable account is increased increased; the Interest Payable account is increased increased; the Notes Payable account is decreased increased; the Notes Payable accoun

    Effective rate of interest

    You are interested in investing your money in a bank account. Which of the following banks provides you with the highest effective rate of interest? a. Bank 1; 8 percent with monthly compounding. b. Bank 2; 8 percent with annual compounding. c. Bank 3; 8 percent with quarterly compounding. d. Bank 4; 8 percent with daily

    Investment Interest Deductible

    Chris has a brokerage account and buys on the margin, which resulted in an interest expense of $15,000 during the year. Income generated through the brokerage account was as follows: Municipal interest $40,000 Taxable dividends and interest $160,000 How much investment interest can Chris deduct?

    Interest rate and savings

    Cleaner's Inc. is switching to paying employees every two weeks rather than weekly and will therefore "skip" 1 weeks pay. The firm has 25 employees who work a 60-hour week and earn an average wage of $12.50 per hour. Using a 10% rate of interest, how much will this change save the firm annually?

    Effective Cost of Trade Credit & Annual Interest Rate

    The D. J. Masson Corporation needs to raise $500,000 for 1 year to supply working capital to a new store. Masson buys from its suppliers on terms of 3/10, net 90, and it currently pays on the 10th day and takes discounts, but it could forgo discounts, pay on the 90th day, and get the needed $500,000 in the form of costly trade c

    Mime Theatrical Supply: calculate effective interest rate

    Mime Theatrical Supply is in the process of negotiating a line of credit with two local banks. The prime rate is currently 8 percent. The terms follow: Bank Loan Terms 1st National 1 percent above prime rate on a discounted basis and a 20 percent compensating balance on the face value of the loan. 2nd National 2 percen

    Discount Interest Rate: Stock Purchase of Bingham Corp.

    Mr. Arthur recently purchased a block of 100 shares of Bingham Corporation common stock for $6,000. The stock is expected to provide an annual cash flow of dividends of $400 indefinitely. Assuming a discount rate of 8 percent how does the price Mr. Arthur paid compare to the value of the stock?

    Lowest Cost among given Loan Proposals

    Ms. Day needs $20,000 to buy her dream car. In her search for the best (low cost) loan, she has gathered the following information from three local banks. Which bank would you recommend Ms. Day borrow from? Bank Annual Payment Term (years) A $8,326.40 3 B 6,309.15

    Continuous compound money

    How long will it take to double my money at 8 % interest rate and continuous compounding? That was part of the answer. My answer to that was 4000=2000(1.08)^t = (1.08)^t (1.08)^t=2 T=9 Now I need to round my answer to the hundreds place. I know that that is two places after the decimal. So would I write my answer

    Calculate the return if the bank compounds annually

    The formula for calculating the amount of money returned for an intitial deposit into a bank account or CD is given by: A is the amount of the return P is the principal amount initially deposited R is the annual interest rate (expressed in decimal) T is the number of years Carry all the calculations to six decimals on ea

    Effective Annual Rates: 2 calculations

    A company needs to arrange financing for its expansion program. Bank "1" offers to lend the company the rquired funds on a loan where the interest must be paid monthly and the quoted rate is 8%. Bank "2" will charge 9% with interest due at the end of the year. What is the difference in the effective annual rates charged by the t

    Nominal rate of interest on a 25 year BBB bond in several sets of circumstances

    Compute the nominal rate of interest on a 25 year BBB bond issue for a company given the following sets of circumstances: 1. The default risk premium is estimated to be the difference between the average yield on BBB rated bonds (12.75%) and 25 year treasury bonds (5.15%). 2. Due to the questionable economic outlook of s

    401(K) Plan

    Your friend, Sal, wants to know how much he would save in taxes by contributing to his 401(k) plan. He can invest up to 10% of his income into the plan. His current income is US$50,000 per year, and he is in the 25% tax bracket. In a memo to your friend that outlines how much he would save in taxes by contributing to his 401(

    Liz Rog: Loan Interest Deduction and amortization schedule.

    Liz Rog just closed a $10,000 business loan that is to be reapid in three equal, annual, end-of-year payments. The interest rate on the loan is 13%. As part of her firm's detailed financial planning, Liz wishes to determine the annual interest deduction attributable to the loan. (Because it is a tax-deductable to the business)

    Holtzman Corporation- Bad Debt Expense

    Holtzman Corporation had a 1/1/07 balance in the allowance for doubtful accounts of $10,000. During 2007, it wrote off $7,200 of accounts and collected $2100 on accounts previously written off. The balance in accounts receivable was $200,000 at 1/1 and $240,000at 12/31. At 12/31/2007, Holtzman estimates that 5% of accounts rec

    Ordinary Annuities, Present and Future Values

    A. Joe won a lottery jackpot that will pay him $12,000 each year for the next ten years. If the market interest rates are currently 12%, how much does the lottery have to invest today to pay out this prize to Joe over the next ten years? B. Mary just deposited $33,000 in an account paying 10% interest. She plans to leave the

    After-tax cost of debt, yield to maturity

    Problem # 11-3 Calculate the after-tax cost of debt under each of the following conditions. Yield Corporate Tax Rate a. ..... 8.0 % 18 % b. ....12.0 % 34 % c. ....10.6 % 15 % Problem # 11-9 Mead Corporation is plannin

    Interest rate of quarterback income

    A famous quarterback just signed a $17 million contract providing $4.25 million a year for 4 years. A less famous receiver signed a $16 million 3-year contract providing $4 million now and $4 million a year for 3 years. Who is better paid? The interest rate is 8 percent.

    Devon Harris: Amortization Schedule for bond interest and discount amortization

    Devon Harris Company sells 10% bonds having a maturity value of $2,000,000 for $1,855,816. The bonds are dated January 1, 2007, and mature January 1, 2012. Interest payable annually on January 1. Instructions: Set up a schedule of interest expense and discount amoritzation under the effective interest method (Hint: the e

    Comparing two alternatives of payment for debt settlement

    Assume that Sonic Foundry Corporation has a contractual debt outstanding. Sonic has available two means of settlement: It can either make immediate payment of $2,600,000 or it can make annual payments of $300,000 for 15 years, each payment due on the last day of the year. Which method of payment do you recommend, assuming an

    High interest rate

    High interest rate. Eddie wrote a $280 check to a check holding company, which gave him $260 in cash. After two weeks the company will cash his $280 check. Find the annual simple interest rate for this loan. Note that the time is a fraction of a year.

    Impact of interest rates on stock market values

    Suppose you hear a stock broker state that when interest rates fall, the stock market tends to rise. Create a graph to explain this particular reasoning using the following 1. What are the axis? 2. Describe the slope - positive, negative? 3. What factors would cause a movement along the graph? 4. What factors might caus