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    College math

    America creates more garbage than any other nation. According to Denis Hayes, president of Seattle's nonprofit Bullitt Foundations and a founder of Earth Day, "We need to be an Heirloom Society instead of a Throw-Away Society." The EPA estimates that, on average, we each produce 4.4 pounds of garbage daily (Source: Take out th

    Calculating Rate of return

    5. Calculating Expected Return. Based on the following information, calculate the expected return. State of Probability of State Rate of Return Economy of Economy if State Occurs Recession .30

    Change in revenue

    The Happy Hound Haven Company estimates that the revenue (in dollars) from the sale of x doghouses is given by R(x)= 625+.03x+.0001x^2. Approximate the change in revenue from the sale of one more doghouse when 1000 doghouses are sold. (make sure to do this using derivatives)

    Business statistics/finite math- Multiple choice questions

    0. _________ is a procedure for revising probabilities based upon additional information. a. Utility theory b. Bernoulli's theorem c. Beckman's theorem d. Bayes' theorem 1. A medical doctor is involved in a $1 million malpractice suit. He can either settle out of court for $250,000 or go to court. If he goes to court and

    Reviews of Levels of Data: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio

    The following problems are reviews of levels of data: 1. You are asked to do an analysis of students currently attending Baker College classes online. One of the areas being assessed is the number of students in the military compared to civilians. In the survey you plan on sending out, one question asks the respondent to chec

    Decision-Based Costing : Manufacture or Buy?

    The Minnetonka Corporation, which produces and sells to wholesalers a highly successful line of water skis, has decided to diversify to stabilize sales throughout the year. The company is considering the production of cross-country skis. After considerable research, a cross-country ski line has been developed. Because of the c

    Sets : Describe in Words

    U = (all employees of the K.O. Brown Company) A = (employees in the accounting dept) B = (employees in the sales dept.) C = (female employees) D = (employees with an MBA degree) Describe the following set in words: B ∩ D

    First Payment Additions

    Your required a rate of return is 4%. What is the value of a contract that pays the buyer $100 a year forever (the first payment is made exactly one year after purchase) plus an additional $1000 a year for the first 10 years (but, the first payment is made immediately - in other words, the $100 payments are made at the end of ea

    Portfolio : Beta Coefficient

    Suppose you are managing a portfolio, consists of 20 stocks. The beta of your portfolio is 1.65. You decide to sell five stocks from your portfolio: the beta of those five stocks was 2.00. You are also thinking to purchase 10 additional stocks, with a combined beta of 1.05, to replace the stocks you are selling. All stocks are o

    Bonds : Yield Capital Gain/Loss

    Suppose you have a bond, with a par value of $1000, that pays interest twice a year at the rate of 12%. You paid $853.29 when you purchased this bond a) Calculate the interest rate yield of your bond. b) You are selling this bond today and will receive $ 936.33 for it. What is the capital gain/loss?

    Bond Calculations Closing Price of bonds

    Today's closing price of a bond, with the par value of $1,000.00 and 8% coupon rate, was listed as 103.50. The information also indicates that today's price was 7.20 higher then yesterday. Based on this information a) Calculate this bond's closing price for today b) Calculate yesterday's price of this bond

    Calculate the expected dividends for each of the next 5 years

    Suppose a company paid $4.70 per share as a dividend on last Friday. The investors expect the dividend to grow at a constant rate of 6%(g) per year,and their required rate of return(Ks) is 14% a) Calculate the expected dividends for each of the next 5 years b) Calculate the intrinsic value (Po) of the stock c) Do the sa

    Accounting : Asset Exchanged at a Gain

    Asset Exchanged at a Gain Asset originally purchased on 1/1/90 is exchanged for a similar asset on 1/1/93. Cash of $10,000 is also paid and the old asset has fair market value of $8,000 on the date of exchange.

    Conversion Value of Convertible

    The conversion price of CRX's convertible ($1,000 par) subordinated debentures is $40 and the present market price of CRX common stock is $48. Determine the present conversion value of the convertible issue. (First determine conversion ratio).

    Internal equity capital

    The following financial information is available on Rawls Manufacturing Company: Current per share market price $48.00 Current (t=0)per share dividend $ 3.50 Expected long-term growth rate 5.0% Rawls can issue new common stock to net the company $44 per share. Determine the cost of internal equity capital (Ke)using

    Financial Problem: Figuring the cost of foregoing the cash discount.

    Syntech is offered credit terms of 2/10, net 40, but decides to forego taking the cash discount and pays on the 45th day. What is Syntech's cost of foregoing the cash discount? [AFC=(Interest Paid/usable funds)(365/maturity(days)] The four answers that I have are one of the following: a. 24.83% b. 21.28% c. 18.62% d. n

    Expected Return and Standard Deviation of a Security

    Given the following probability distribution, what is the expected return and the standard deviation of returns for security J? state 1, probability 0.2, expected return 10% state 1, probability 0.6, expected return 15% state 3, probability 0.2, expected return 20% a. 15%; 6.50% b. 12%; 5.18% c. 15%; 3.16% d.

    Modelling : Elevator / Lift Usage

    A large corporation with offices filling a 40 storey building is concerned to minimize the waiting and travel times of its employees when using the lifts, which are regularly perceived as too long at certain times of the day. It is powerless to alter the number of lifts in service; instead it seeks to model the pattern of the us

    Sales Revenue Situation

    Application Problem 1S (Sales Revenue Problem) The owner of an apartment complex knows he can rent all 50 apartments when the monthly rent is $400. He thinks that for any 25$ increase in the rent, he will loose 2 tenants. Write a linear polynomial for the rent price P and a linear polynomial for the number of apartments (Q).

    Investment in Leasing or Purchasing

    A corporation may obtain a machine by leasing it for six years (the useful life), paying an annual fee of $3,000, or by purchasing it for $12,000. Which alternative is preferable if the corporation can invest money at 8% per annum (i.e., its cost of capital is 8%)?

    Profit increasing or decreasing

    The problem is attached. The profit P (in dollars) made by a fast food restaurant selling "x" hamburgers is: P(x) = 2.44x - x^2 / 20,000 - 5000 for 0 <= x <= 35,000 Find the open intervals on which P is increasing or decreasing.

    Statistical Process Control: Example Problem

    The Hoosier Brewing Company (HBC) produces beer that is then packaged in cans, bottles, and 15.5 gallon aluminum kegs. Naturally, they are concerned about the accuracy of their container filling operations. They are switching over to a new machine, and have decided to test this new machine by sampling kegs to see how much beer i

    Operation managment: statistical process control

    Please see the attached file for a statistical process control problem. 3) (Use for following for the next two questions) Consider the following data on defective speech systems manufactured for the new line of Psychic Furbys: a). What is the correct center line for a p-chart based on this data? Answer: ___________