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Accounting for Corporations

Perpetual Dividend Growth; multiple growth rates

1-Perpetual Dividend Growth - A company just paid a divided of $3.00. If the dividends will grow at 5.5% per year and you require a return of 11.8 %, what is the most you should be willing to pay for the stock? 2- Perpetual Dividend Growth - Star Light & Power increases its dividend 5% per year every year. This utility is val

Cellular Systems - Dividend Discount

Cellular Systems paid a $3 dividend last year. The dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 5 percent over the next two years. The required rate of return is 12 percent (this will also serve as the discount rate in this problem). Round all values to three places to the right of the decimal point where appropriate.

Growth of stock

100. A company stock has a current market value of 40.50. The co. just paid a dividend = to 1.50 per share, which is expected to grow at a constant rate forever into the future. If the co. marginal investors require a rte of return = to 12%, what is the rate at which dividends are expected grow in the future. 8.3% 12.0 4,

Redeeming stock shares upon retirement

Need help Mr. Burton owns 58,000 of the 100,000 outstanding shares of Mirkwood stock with a $50 basis per share. He wants to retire from business, and Mirkwood?s board of directors has offered to redeem any number of his shares for FMV ($120 per share). Mr. Burton wants to surrender enough shares so that the redemption will

Evaluation of a company: three-stage dividend growth model with declining growth

I am evaluating a firm using the three-stage dividend growth model with a linearly declining growth rate in Stage 2. I am using the following information (as of the start of 2004): * Current dividend is $0.39 * I estimate the required rate of return on the stock at 8.72% * In stage 1, the dividend will grow at 11.3 percent