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    An Introduction to Separable Differential Equations

    David Terr, PhD (#109641)

    In this Video Lecture, Academic Expert David Terr goes over the basics of Separable Differential Equations. He begins with a definition of what separable differential equations are, and from there he proceeds to show the audience how to solve for x and shows the solution to separable differential equations. Three interactive examples are presented and solved step-by-step using his teachings: Malthusian population growth, compound interest, and radioactive decay. This video lecture is ideal for mathematics students at the junior and senior high school level, or for anyone at the first year college or university level who needs a refresher.

    In this series: 3 Videos | 00:14:23 Total Length

    Part #: 1 | 04:49
    Part #: 2 | 04:37

    A final example, radioactive decay and carbon-14 dating, is presented with step by step solutions

    Part #: 3 | 04:57