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    An Introduction to Immunological Techniques

    Bridgett Payseur, PhD (#110098)

    In this lecture, Academic Expert Bridgett Payseur introduces us to the topic of Immunology techniques. Students viewing this lecture will learn about a wide variety of concepts, including the basic techniques that are used in immunology research, the isolation of immune cells, flow cytometry, and ELISA. This video lecture is ideal for students at the college or university level enrolled in courses in advanced biology and immunology.

    In this series: 3 Videos | 00:14:15 Total Length

    The process of isolating immune cells is the topic for Part 1 of this series.

    Part #: 1 | 05:36

    The difference between direct staining and indirect staining starts off this video, which leads into a discussion of flow cytometry.

    Part #: 2 | 03:57

    The series concludes with a comparison of the different types of ELISA, and a few practice problems to assist the viewer with studying and comprehension.

    Part #: 3 | 04:42