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    How The Adult Brain Learns

    Jennifer Kavanagh, PhD (IP) (#111251)

    It’s a widely held belief that once we reach adulthood we become too set in our ways to change our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. However, recent research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education are proving that adult brains continue to learn throughout their lifetime with more emphasis on developing wisdom than memorizing lists and multiplication tables. By understanding the unique ways in which adults learn, we can enhance our own learning and success at work and school, design more effective training programs, improve the performance of employees, and increase business success. This video is designed to assist adults who are attending college or university for the first or second time understand exactly how their brain learns and what is necessary to make learning "stick" in the brain. It may also be helpful to university students who are studying education, particularly those interested in adult education in academic, corporate or government settings. No prior knowledge of neuroscience or adult learning theories is required.

    In this series: 5 Videos | 00:37:29 Total Length

    The series is introduced and Academic Expert Jennifer Kavanagh goes over the basic structure of the brain.

    Part #: 1 | 08:24

    The difference between the adult brain and a child's brain, and how neural pathways are formed.

    Part #: 2 | 09:06

    The roles that different emotions play in the learning process for adults.

    Part #: 3 | 06:49

    The actual neuroscience behind adult learning and ways to facilite this learning.

    Part #: 4 | 07:08

    Study tips for adult learning concludes the series.

    Part #: 5 | 06:02