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    An Introduction to Effective Email

    Aaron Barbee, MBA (#105647)

    In this series, Academic Expert Aaron Barbee explains how to effectively use your email program, both professionally and efficiently. He goes over some of the most common mistakes that people make when composing and sending emails, and how one can avoid making these mistakes. Finally, Aaron gives some expert tips on how to boost the overall effectiveness of your email messages. This video lecture is ideal for anyone in the corporate or academic realm that wants to better understand how to effectively communicate via email.

    In this series: 4 Videos | 00:16:57 Total Length

    The relatively new emergence of Email for mass communications and proper spelling and grammar in Email.

    Part #: 1 | 04:47

    Common mistakes and properly addressing emails.

    Part #: 2 | 04:02

    The content of an email.

    Part #: 3 | 04:49

    Message content continued.

    Part #: 4 | 03:19