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    The Double Declining Balance Method of Depreciation

    Carol Sargent, PhD (#107956)

    In this series, Academic Expert Carol Sargent introduces us to the Double Declining Balance Method of Depreciation, the second section of her Depreciation Super-Series. Carol explains an alternative version of depreciation in this second video, and illustrates how it is an accelerated method when compared to straight-line depreciation. An interactive example is included to show double-declining balance method in action. This video lecture is ideal for any students enrolled in college or university level accounting or business programs.

    In this series: 2 Videos | 00:07:55 Total Length

    In this video, Carol defines the double declining balance of depreciation, and explains how it is different from straight line depreciation.

    Part #: 1 | 03:57

    An example is presented and solved to further increase the viewers comprehension of double declining depreciation.

    Part #: 2 | 03:58