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    Blood Types: ABO Compatibility

    Melissa Donough, MSc (#111169)

    This lecture describes the history of blood transfusion as well as the technical steps involved in preparing blood for transfusion, including ABO and Rh typing as well as type and screen and cross-match procedures. This lecture will cover ABO blood type genotype and phenotype expression and ABO compatibility. This lecture is ideal for nursing students, pre-medical students, and other health science students.

    In this series: 5 Videos | 00:26:49 Total Length

    The series begins with the history of blood types, and quickly moves into the differences between the A, B, AB, and O types of blood.

    Part #: 1 | 04:34

    Rh blood is explained, and the viewer is introduced to blood type inheritance and blood type tube testing.

    Part #: 2 | 06:18

    Blood type tube testing is explored in greater detail, and the viewer is introduced to a newer method: blood type gel testing.

    Part #: 3 | 03:59

    Antibody screening and compatibility between different blood types are the key learning points in this section.

    Part #: 4 | 05:48

    Compatibility cross-matching, blood transfusion reactions, and a summary of the key learning points.

    Part #: 5 | 06:10