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WHich statistical test

I have a simple question, I think, I just cant remember my stats classes: I need to know which tests to use for the analysis of the following data
I have a graph with species of malaria contracted along the x-axis. The y-axis is patient frequency (ie number of patients who contracted that particular species). The patient population has been separated into males and females (so two plots on the one graph)
I need to compare the frequency of patients (hundreds of patients) suffering with particular species of malaria. So that I can compare the number of people suffering with p.ovale vs p.falciparum vs p. malariae vs. p.vivax, and find if there is any statistically significant difference between the numbers of each of the species frequencies. What test? I also need to see if there is a statistically significant difference between the number of males and females contracting EACH species, for all the species (file 1). What test? Is there a way of analyzing this with one test?

The last part of the database analysis is comprised of numerical data only (eg. sodium level vs haemoglobin level- file3). Some of the relationships will be non linear but still show an important pattern. What test can I use to show this pattern. Is this what regression is for?.
Very finally, in order to show whether there is a statistical difference between two means (eg. difference between average sodium levels between males and females with malaria- file 2) what test can I use (again, big samples)

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For your first question, from what you provided, we can list the following two columns
NA (male) NA(female)
139 132