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Statistics: Regression

1. Prepare Scatter plot for the 5 variables with the dependent varaible Number of books wasted
2. Based on the scatter plots, which variables look promising as predictors of dependent variable
3. Using the regression procedure, create regression analysis ...
4. Identify which of the regression analysis are significant
5. Whate is your prediction for a book that has a gross run of ...
6. What is your prediction for the number of books that will be wasted ...
7. What would be the problem with running the forecast you did in Q6?

See attached file.

I have attached the regression problems from my assignment, for Quantitative reasoning. There were 7 problems, which are posted on the attached Excel sheet. Questions 1 to 5 are complete, however I am no stumped on 6 and 7.


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In running the forecast as in Q6, we assume that other things (other variables which are significant in the regression ...

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