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ANOVA and Regression Analysis


Create a simple linear regression with percentage change in Blue Collar Occupations being the only explanatory variable for percentage changes in White Collar Occupations wages and salaries. For this problem you will not need to use the data in the Year or Private_Industry columns. You'll just use the data in the White_Collar_Occupations and Blue_Collar_Occupations columns. In creating this regression analysis, you will have also created:

I. The 95% confidence interval for the coefficient of the Blue Collar Occupations in the resulting equation. This is automatically generated as part of the regression function within Excel. You do not need to do a separate calculation for this.

II. An ANOVA table for the problem. This is also automatically calculated when you complete a regression analysis in Excel. The important values are the F-Statistic labeled "F" and the corresponding p-value labeled "Significance F."

III. How are t-ratio and the F-ratio mathematically related? What is the implication?


Correlation and Regression Analysis [Please refer to the attachment for details]


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